Friday, March 30, 2012

Why The Left Is Getting Angrier All The Time

They have the Old Media. They have the schools and universities.  They have Hollywood.  They have control of a lot of things in Washington.

And still..................they can't make The Right go away.

I see Progressives all the time who are getting angrier and angrier that the Right hasn't been totally de-legitimized yet.  

The 2008 election of Barack Obama, coupling a Democratic Presidency with a Congress under complete Democratic control signaled triumphalism on the part of many on the Left that at long last they had turned the corner and would soon leave the American Right far behind.

Ah, what a difference 3 years makes, eh?  

Instead of driving the Right from the public square, the Left is astonished to find itself locked in an actual debate over ObamaCare and also unable to keep it's latest outrage du jour Narrative on the TrayVon Martin case from being undermined.  

Instead of one smothering voice from the Left guiding America where it should go from academia, the news media, Hollywood, and Washington, there is an actual national debate going on about where the country should go. 

This debate isn't a temporary bug. It's a feature of the American democratic process. There's SUPPOSED to be two sides.

Yet Progressives seem to have this mental vision of progress being achieved only if they get total victory over the other side and drive it out of existence - or at least marginalize it so that it is driven underground.

In a way, Liberals keep setting themselves up for disappointment by shutting themselves off in cocoons and bubbles so they can PRETEND the Right has ALREADY been driven underground.  

That's why the Liberal shock over how the case for ObamaCare is going before the Supreme Court is so strong.  They had actually convinced themselves the law was going to pass this judicial review with ease, and were stunned to discover that wouldn't be the case: 

First Chris Matthews talked about how nobody HE ever talked to ever said there was even a remote possibility ObamaCare would not pass Constitutional muster:

Then John Podhoretz discussed  how insular the liberal cocoon is that many supposedly objective, neutral commentators like Toobin and others live inside of:

Podhoretz is correct. These are supposed to be objective media journalists and experts who are supposed to be appraised of the arguments for BOTH sides of an issue.  For them to evince total shock like this when there have been serious, well-thought out and valid arguments against the mandate for over 2 years is inexcusable.  How could they really be doing their jobs if they don't know the other side's arguments?  

It used to be Liberals could guide the national conversation and believe their influence was far greater than they thought it was because there were no powerful Conservative voices on a national level that could challenge them.  They could speak with an almost single smothering voice to tell the American people Reagan was an idiot who should never be allowed into the White House, for instance.  Sometimes they did get jarring notices that the American people didn't really buy what they were selling, but not that often.  

Nowadays it's almost a monthly occurrence. The Left has a narrative it's trying to sell, only now Conservatives are numerous enough on the national scene to immediately begin answering back.  If they are trying to sell an obviously false narrative, such as with the Martin case, the holes in the Narrative start showing up quickly.  

And this is why the Left is getting so pissed off.  It used to be they could set a false Narrative and keep it going and suck all the power and results they wanted out of it before the actual facts caught up and revealed what they had been deliberately distorting and omitting.  But by the time the truth caught up, the Lefty mob had always moved on, leaving the clean-picked bones behind them.   And if you pressed the issue they just looked down their noses at you and said "Oh that is SO last month.  That's old news. Nobody cares, man.  We've moved on.  Did you have a point?  Is this conversation going anywhere? No? Let's drop it then."

You know what's so awesome about the New Media?  They don't get to finish picking the bones clean any more before the truth catches up. Hell, sometimes they haven't really started to sell their false narrative for even a full week before Conservatives are revealing to the public what was omitted and distorted by those leading the latest outrage du jour.  

Look at what happened when MSNBC tried to sell the 'Zimmerman Is A Racist Who Was Motivated By Racism To Kill TrayVon Martin' on their website with a most clever edit of the 911 phone transcript:

This is what MSNBC originally said:
Unfortunately for MSNBC's hack of a reporter, was on the ball. The moment they saw the report on the MSNBC website, they realized what the 'journalist' had done. Here's what the actual 911 transcript actually says: 
As you can clearly see, ZIMMERMAN DOESN'T JUST VOLUNTEER  to the dispatcher the guy he's watching is 'up to no good' because 'he looks black', which is exactly the impression MSNBC was trying to give it's readers with that clever edit.  

Within hours of Big Journalism's Dan Riehl putting that post up pointing out their duplicity, MSNBC quietly - with no admission they were doing so, changed the text to read this way:
To read an absolutely HILARIOUS attempt to defend what MSNBC did there, go here and read the comments starting on page 5 with post #133, where posting as 'manofaiki'  I show what they did and invite responses:

They simply can't keep the holes and distortions and omissions from the public eye any more.  

There they are, still on the scene, still full of outrageous outrage!!! and all of a sudden they have to defend their false narrative - and they are not used to having to do that.  They are used to having their way, loudly shouting down anybody trying to tell the truth, and then moving on before their lies catch up to them.  They reap all the benefits of what they wanted from the Narrative and then move on before the consequences of their duplicity can be brought to bear on them.  


And boy, are they pissed about it.  

GOOD. Let them be pissed. They think they're pissed now? Just wait a few months.  They have several false narratives in play right now, and in the next couple of months, ObamaCare is inevitable, Global Warming, Derrick Bell and others are going to unravel further unless I miss my guess.

UPDATE! NBC News gets caught by Sean Hannity and Brent Bozell using an edited audio tape of Zimmerman's 911 call that exactly matches the edited transcript from MSNBC I posted about earlier.  Video at the bottom of the page.


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