Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell Solves America's Unemployment Problem In ONE Easy Step!

In many places, this is what passes for a 'smart' liberal.

It's really quite amazing how much fail he can pack into just 15 seconds.  

Er,yeah, let's put all the unemployed people on the gov't. payroll.  THERE!  Problem solved!  See how EASY that was?!

He can't even get basic facts right. Only Ron Paul among the remaining candidates currently draws a check from the State.  Santorum isn't in Congress any more, Mitt isn't a sitting Governor and Gingrich is a private citizen now.

If we add millions of new people to the Gov't. payroll, somebody explain to this clueless hack where all the money to pay them would have to come from.

From the comments at Ace of Spades:

The amazing thing about O'Donnell is that before he became a TV guy (he wrote for the West Wing and now has his MSNBC gig) he was actually Chief of Staff of the Senate Finance Committee under Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He used to write tax policy and is a self proclaimed socialist.
Your modern day Democratic party.

What's awesomely funny is the idiots at MSNBC thought what O'Donnell was saying here was so PROFOUND or something, it was just the kind of thing they wanted to HIGHLIGHT and make into a promotional commercial for their network.

Think about that for a minute.

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