Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just How Stupid Does Obama Think We Are?

How about........THIS stupid:

Brainstorm Folks! Let's Bring Gas Prices Down By Raising Taxes On Big Oil!

You gotta be KIDDING me!?  How is suddenly increasing the costs of doing business for oil companies going to ease the energy crisis we're in?  If you drive up their cost of doing business, they'll simply pass the new costs onto the consumers.

This is nothing more than Obama trying this trick from 'Up':

The only other 'bright idea' Obama has had thus far is repeating what he did last year - releasing oil from the Strategic Reserve.  Oil from that Reserve is only supposed to be released in an energy emergency.  Which is apparently what we're in every time Obama's poll numbers drop.

I cannot wait for November to get here.

hat tip to Gabriel Malor from Ace of Spades blog


  1. This is just another way Obama is emulating the Carter Administration; IIRC, Carter also increased taxation on domestic oil production during the end of the 70's.

  2. Let's see how far Obama "Beast" would get if it were electric ...

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