Monday, March 19, 2012

Who's Violent?
The Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street?

The longer OWS is in existence, the longer the rap sheet keeps getting.  John Nolte at Big Hollywood and others have been keep tabs on the OWS rap sheet thus far.  Since springing to life 'spontaneously' last October, OWS protesters have been arrested and CAUGHT ON CAMERA committing acts of violence and vandalism.  Yet plenty of OWS's defenders will insist OWS isn't 'really' violent; there's a coupla bad apples in every bunch, don't cha' know?

Which makes their constant 3-years-long bleating about the supposed 'violence' of the Tea Party even MORE hilarious.  Let's contrast the two movements.

Notice how many of these crimes are VIOLENT and involve destruction of property and vandalism.

Now let's go to the tape.

OWS protesters LOVE to play victims.  Type in 'OWS police brutality' and you will have literally hundreds of hits on Google and  YouTube.  The only problem is that OWS is getting caught time and time again selectively editing their videos to leave out what they did to provoke the police.

Here's an example:

As the bloggers at My Pet Jawa explain, OWS supporters first put up a selectively edited video of what happened in NYC in early October.  It's important you watch the EDITED video they put up themselves first to get the full force of the duplicity they engaged in:

Done watching?  Awesome.  What happened next was somebody that had access to the entire video ALSO put it up on YouTube.  Here's the 15 or so seconds that was craftily left out of the above video:

From My Pet Jawa:

But what these protesters don't want you to see is what happened seconds before that provoked the police response. In the video below, you can hear the protesters counting down and then rushing the police. At least one officer is struck in the head by a protester (@00:10). Another can be seen kicking an officer (@00:15). The police repeatedly order the protesters to "Get back" and they ignore the orders: 

Think about how the entire context changes when you see the additional footage that OWS deliberately cut out.  Note also how they have plenty of cameras to record the police response - AFTER they have punched and kicked at the cops.

This is what they have been doing for months.  Like the pussies they are, they do everything they can to provoke a police response, then put the edited videos up on YouTube and whine about how oppressed they are.  It's transparent and only truly stupid people would fall for it.

Just the other day another OWS protester viciously assaulted a cop and then was portrayed as a victim of police brutality:

First, the OWS version of what happened, from SooperMexican's blog:

This is the Occupier version of what happened:
The video above apparently shows police charging #ows activist Cecily McMillian. She left Liberty Plaza in an ambulance. Initial reports from the scene indicate that police broke her ribs; many people present and @Timcast’s livestream showed her apparently convulsing in police custody before being loaded into the ambulance.

From reading that, you would get the impression this poor girl was just standing there exercising her First Amendment rights.  But look at the very video these OWS guys posted. Much like the video of the insane Rand Paul protester that was tackled at a rally where we heard for weeks the security guy 'stomped on her head' when he did nothing of the sort -  and they'd play the video of the guy's foot clearly pressing down on her shoulder while saying over and over again 'stomped on her head' - the OWS guys are only seeing what they want to see.

At :22 into that video at the lower left hand side you can clearly see a female OWS protester walk up to a cop and viciously hit him with an elbow to the face, and then try to run off.

SooperMexican edited the video to slow it down and zoom in on the assault:

From what we see, there's no question she attacked the police first.

Here's another example of OWS protesters provoking cops: In Denver, CO. several taunt, impede the progress of a cop on a motorcycle, then knock him off it:

This isn't police brutality; this is called 'Successfully picking a fight with LEO's and getting yourself arrested'.  Wasn't that the point?

An officer at the Washington State Capitol gets bitten on the arm by an OWS protester:

The biting thing seems to be getting popular:

It's not just cops being assaulted either. It's become clear that OWS wackos will assault just about anybody:

Oh and here's a word of sage advice to any of you food vendors that might end up next to an Occupy encampment: if you start giving these people free food and drinks, you better not EVER stop:

Yes, these assclowns really do think they are entitled to free food:

Here they storm a peaceful meeting and push a 78 year old woman down a flight of stairs:

Look, do I really need to go on? These people are violent. They've proven it again and again. Their whole modus operandi is to PROVOKE CONFRONTATION.  So can we PLEASE dispense with the BS they are not violent?

Now if there's some Progressive out there who still believes the Tea Party is a violent movement that has engaged in violence against cops and other members of our society, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO PROVE IT.

I've put up video of OWS protesters being violent.  I claimed they were and I backed it up. This is your big moment:

RECIPROCATE.  In the comments give me links to videos of Tea Party protesters assaulting a single cop.  Hell, how about assaulting ANYBODY.  They've been around for over 3 years now, should be plenty of examples out there for you to choose from.  After all, OWS has only been around since September of last year and I could put up over 100 instances of violence from them if I wanted to.

So the 'really violent' Tea Party movement should have even more examples.

Go to work. Let's see what you can come up with.

And a personal challenge:  if you can't supply any evidence of actual violence from the Tea Party, will you COMMIT to publicly saying the Tea Party is not violent?  


  1. Tea Partiers MURDER small puppies and kittens in an INSANE ORGY of Neo-FACISTIC RAGE at Rally for Christian Hate Monger Rick Santorum!
    Just don't ask to see the video.

  2. Your comparison is illogical and based on a false framework. You have to think a little harder on this to see where you went wrong.

    1. There is nothing illogical about comparing the # of arrests, assaults, rapes, acts of vandalism, etc. between the Tea Party and OWS.

      Or if you think there is, could you please expand on that line of thought?

      What's 'false' about pointing out OWS protesters have been caught repeatedly on video being violent while nobody - which apparently includes you - can supply evidence of Tea Partiers engaging in this kind of behavior?

  3. You obviously think you're a citizen journalist, so figure it out yourself. Everything on your site relating to politics suffers from the same problematic viewpoint and framing. You're way off, but I wouldn't want to spoil your crusade against windmills.

    1. Back up your claim or go away. HOW is it illogical to point out despite Liberal hyper-ventilating over 3+ years about Tea Party violence, OWS has a rap sheet longer than my arm in just 6 months of existence? Where is the Tea Party violence? Can you supply any or not?

      I supplied evidence to back up my claim that the OWS is a violent movement. You have supplied exactly nothing except vague gas about 'framing' and 'illogic'.

      I'm sure you're aware plenty of people over the past 3 years have charged the Tea Party with being a violent movement. They've waited for 3+ years with bated breath for the violence to emerge.

      They wait still.

      Meanwhile, OWS couldn't even go six months without assaulting cops, vandalizing businesses, and assaulting people they disagreed with.

      I can point that out. And it is a valid point, whatever you might say.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. [url]!/gatewaypundit/status/182687289107955712[/url]

    I can see how hard it can get to tell one of these grassroots movements from the other.

    1. OK so you can't post links in the comments. We learn something new every day!!/gatewaypundit/status/182687289107955712

      highlight the text, right click and select 'Go To...'

    2. Here's a link for you:

      Notice how your side instantly goes against the cops when it happens in Chicago, when it is politically expedient, because as you would likely believe and therefore justify, Chicago is an Obama-controlled cesspool all ready to stomp on freedom. There are clues here for you.

    3. Reporters joined the Tea Party? Or is it the Cops? I'm unclear on what you're saying here.

      Remember, what we're discussing here is my claim that the OWS movement has demonstrated repeatedly that it will engage in violence while the Tea Party hasn't.

      You would have to demonstrate either the cops or the reporters are Tea Party members for this to mean anything.

      Unless you're just trying to look smart while changing the subject.

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