Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CNN's Erin Burnett 'Annoyed' Her Fake Denuciation of Bill Maher Was Used In RNC Ad About Obama's 'War on Women'

Take it away, Ace at Ace of Spades!


Erin Burnett Illustrates The Central Hypocrisy of the Left's 
Politically-Correct Outrage Factory

Erin Burnett is "annoyed" that the RNC used her words against Obama. She "called out" (you'll understand the reason for quotes in a moment) Maher for his own misogynistic slurs, and the RNC included those words in an ad about the Democrats' War on Women.

Video and story here.

Here's the thing:

Every liberal wishes to fake-denounce this stuff. They're not really denouncing it. They're fake-denouncing it. They are only mouthing the words to inoculate themselves against a charge of hypocrisy or double-standards.

But they don't mean it, because they actually do believe in the double-standard. They just don't want to be on the record about it, or required to defend/justify it in public.

Now, to Burnett: If she said those words, presumably shebelieves them, yes? And would like them transmitted? In order to achieve the goal she supposedly stands for, a cleaning-up of language directed at women on the public stage?

Wrong. Like Yasser Arafat, her words were meant only for one audience. Just to get it on the record that she did not have a double-standard.

But she gets "annoyed" if people quote her, in the mistaken belief that those words were seriously intended -- because of course they were not.

Her words had one intended function only: To inoculate her against hypocrisy and double-standard charges, and worst of all, from the rebuke, hack.

Her statement wasn't intended to be anti-Maher. It was only intended to be pro-Burnett. And if you use them outside of that intended function, she gets.. "annoyed."

Yes, that's how Orwellian they get: She's actually PERFECTLY FINE with Maher's language directed at Conservative women, but she's got to APPEAR as if she has a problem with it.  

Oh gosh Erin,you stepped in it there!

While Kirsten Powers means what she's saying as she forces this issue to the forefront, the Erin Burnett's out there are offering only token denunciations and then getting upset about having to do it because they didn't mean it in the first place.