Saturday, March 17, 2012

Barack Obama Taught Critical Race Theory At The
University of Chicago From 1994 To 2003

Recently I found a website which had links to PDF's at the NYT's containing the course syllabus and final exams from Barack Obama's course at the University of Chicago, 'Current Issues In Racism And The Law'.

Earlier I had found a page with just the course syllabus up, and I carpet-bombed the Twitterverse with links to that page  [which is a fancy way of saying I sent a direct Tweet with a link to that page to every Conservative blogger I could find]

When I say 'carpet-bombing, I'm not kidding.  Take a look at all the people I sent this to on March 13 [read from the bottom]:  

That document was public at the time I sent out those messages.  Within a day, it had been taken to 'private' by it's owner.

[PS - if you are a famous big-shot Conservative and you are not on that list, I apologize. I've only been blogging for a week, I'm sure I'll get around to following you eventually.]

Later on I found THIS page where not only the syllabus is up, but so are the exams and answer memos.

When I realized that while stories had been done in the media about the course,  the author of the page notes, "....the readers of the print version of the article didn't get to see... a collection of Professor Obama's final exams and the syllabus to his class Current Issues in Racism and the Law." I got that out on twitter to a bunch of people as well:

I wondered if anybody had ever publicized this collection of Obama's exams and even more intriguing - the two answer memos where he discusses what answers he was looking for from his students.  Also at the time the NYT's and others were discussing Obama's college course at U. of Chicago, nobody seemed to have realized who Derrick Bell was, or the significance of Obama making him such a large part of the required reading.

It didn't take long for the carpet-bombing to pay off: articles began popping up discussing the course material on several sites, such as Ace of Spades: 

But likely the biggest result of that carpet-bombing on the 13th of March was to bring Obama's final exams and answers to the attention of Ben Shapiro at, who writes for the Big Government site.

Now, I think I'm pretty smart and I could try to explain the manifold problems presented by CRT theory demonstrated in Obama's exams and the answers he wanted from his students, but then again Ben Shapiro graduated from Harvard Law School in 2007 and one of the great things life has taught me is when to get the hell out of the way and let the professionals take over.

On March 14, Ben started an incredible new series entitled "The Vetting: Obama Teaches Constitutional Law" which now has 3 parts up:

Note however that Ben wasn't one of the people I twitted those links to.  Could be he already had all this stuff through his own research and it's just a coincidence a single day after my carpet-bombing the Conservative Twitterverse this series starts at Big Gov.  That is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE.  But boy.........I sure hope it's NOT a coincidence!  Imagine a guy like me inspired to jump into political blogging due to Andrew's passing on and in my first week of blogging I manage to make an impact on a national story.

If it's true I've ALREADY been able to make a contribution, that's fantastic.  But the main point is making this information highly visible.  So whatever the case may be, coincidence or not, I am glad this info is getting out and is now being discussed across the country.

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  1. Critical race Theory is just another excuse for the American Hating Victim's Club to rationalize the way they inflict themselves on average Americans, shouting loudly about how unfairly they've been treated while demanding life be made fair. Life is NOT fair and as an American if you want something you were SUPPOSED to work for it, not scream at and try and intimidate the productive to support the (deliberately) non-productive.