Wednesday, March 21, 2012

John Nolte At Big Hollywood Bursts 
The Liberal Bubble:

Just Imagine How Bad Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert's Ratings Would Be WITHOUT The Old Media Propping Them Up

John Nolte at Big Hollywood had a big freakin' dose of reality for the Far Left last week when he posted Stewart and Colbert's ratings at Big Hollywood and demonstrated that the Cartoon Network outdrew them both: 

Just a friendly reminder that less than 1% of the population watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
If it wasn't for the elite media -- the same elite media desperate to convince us these two are some sort of national treasures -- hardly anyone would watch them at all.
Via TV By the Numbers:TOTAL VIEWERSComedy Central, 11-11:30 p.m. "The Daily Show," 1.6 million
Comedy Central, 11:30 p.m.-midnight ET, "The Colbert Report," 1.3 million
TBS, 11 p.m.-midnight, "Conan," 1.0 million
Adult Swim, 11:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. ET, 2.1 million
Adult Swim, 12:30-1:30 a.m. ET, 1.4 million
Whatever influence Stewart and Colbert have does not come from the people; it comes from the elite.
This dynamic duo of left-wing free speech oppressors are about as populist as caviar. 
No kidding.  Cartoons on the Adult Swim program on the Cartoon Network outdrew both Colbert and Stewart in the same time slot.  And most of those cartoons are re-runs.  
One can only wonder just how bad those ratings would be if the Old Media wasn't constantly 'reminding' everybody all the time just how awesome these two flacks are.  


  1. You have no concept of how the so-called old media works. Having been taken over by the corporate oligarchy, they are nothing more than a tool utilized to distract, perpetuate the fiction of right vs. left, and to further the agenda of the U.S. power base, whether Dem or Rep. And that includes Fox News, which serves the all important purpose of muddying the waters with disinformation and propaganda aimed at the massive lowest common denominator base.

    It's all propaganda designed to keep us stupid.

    They are in the tank now for Obama just as they were in the tank for Bush. Sure, everybody does their part to make it appear that both sides are represented by furthering the false narrative. It matters little who is in power or what party they represent - it's the same people, the same power base.

    People like you could help way more by getting past this fake set-up and start thinking for yourself. This isn't a conspiracy - it's hiding in plain sight.

  2. They were in the tank for Bush? Who was? Stewart? Colbert? CNN?

    I'm enjoying the give and take, BTW.

  3. Also, the main thing I'm pointing out in this blog post is that Stewart and Colbert's ratings aren't nearly what many people assume they are. If the corporate oligarchy is trying to use these two guys to get it's message out, they are wasting their money.

    You also seem to be going for the 'it doesn't matter who wins elections, left or right' meme. For the Left, it seemed pretty damn important 3 years ago to make sure it was Obama and not McCain that got into the White House. Wish you had been there educating them that whoever won didn't matter.

  4. Exactly. But it only seems important. The Right vs. Left is a fraud. The media's job was to get Obama into the Whitehouse, helping erase the bad taste in everyone's mouth from the Bush era. Think of it as a cycle. The pantomime needed a younger, fresher, more charismatic front man to continue the overall agenda. Selling everything in extremes is what it's all about - it's the whole racket; Bush to Obama could not be more extreme on the face of it.

    Obama will get both terms because he helps the medicine go down much smoother while the old media keeps the old fraudulent dichotomy going. Being black doesn't hurt either. Romney is designed to lose much in the same way that Kerry was. And after Obama you can bet that it will be a Republican in office, and likely a very hardline one at that, because he will also be sold on the basis of cleaning up Obama's catastrophic mess - most of which is still to unfold.

    It's all pretty logical if you think about it. Obama is about to preside over a period of massive unrest in the States and he will(and has already to a degree), open the door for hardline action, for the escalating crackdown while everyone is distracted by birth certificates and radical professors and disinformation. Again, this has nothing to do with Alex Jones stuff and the New World Order paranoia - it's just business.

  5. ...Oh, and they're just comedy shows. I really don't think you need to consider them part of anything but the entertainment industry.

    I hadn't noticed that the "elite media" was shilling for these shows, but I get your point about the ratings, I guess, but insofar as it relates to my admittedly straying comments, I don't care about those shows except for the times I might get a chuckle out of a clip somewhere.

  6. You make some good points. I'm not sure Obama gets a second term though.

    And I know that Stewart/Colbert sell themselves as comedians, much like Maher does, but they are also regarded as highly influential in validating Liberals viewpoint of Republicans. Sometimes I've seen Stewart go after the Left too, but it's rare.