Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Left:  An Open Letter To The Kind, The Caring & The Compassionate Among Us

After you danced on Andrew Breitbart's grave and then chortled that Dick Cheney should have died during his heart transplant...........

I never want to hear another f**king word from you about 'civility'. 

Got that?  I didn't see anybody on the Left telling their own side to cool it and shut up about Breitbart dying or Cheney needing a transplant.  

John Hawkin's list of infamous Lefty hate: 20 Examples of the 'Tolerant' exposing their real nature:

So this is fair warning. The next time some Lib opens their mouth and starts pontificating about how the Right is dragging down the National Conversation, I am going to go f**king  medieval on your asses.  I will come after you with rhetorical guns blazing.  

That is all.  

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