Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's Not Get Carried Away Trying To
Defend George Zimmerman

Due to the usual race hucksters like Al Sharpton ramping up the racial tensions, there's been a lot of strong pushback from the Right to defend George Zimmerman.  

Yesterday I got a lot of tweets from people who were crowing about new, more recent pictures that showed TrayVon Martin looking like a 'gangsta'.  

I'm sure more facts will come to light as the investigation continues, but we need to remember what we already know: 

A bigger, older man in a SUV who was armed with a concealed handgun decided to start following an unarmed teenager walking on a street, then for some reason, decided to exit the vehicle and chase him on foot.  

No matter how people try to rehash this, the one huge red flag that keeps telling me Zimmerman is at fault here is that there is no reason whatsoever for him to get out of that car. The police dispatcher, from what she can hear of Zimmerman huffing and puffing on his cell phone, correctly deduces that Zimmerman has left his vehicle and is chasing Martin on foot.  The dispatcher pointedly tells Zimmerman there's no reason for him to be doing that.  
What people need to realize is that if Zimmerman was just going to WATCH Martin, he can do that perfectly fine from inside his car.  There is only ONE REASON to exit the car and give chase on foot: Because Zimmerman was determined to apprehend Martin.  

Which is absolutely dumb.  Chasing assumes you want to catch. What the hell was Zimmerman going to do if he caught Martin?  

Another thing to ponder: I haven't heard at any time if Zimmerman ever identified himself to Martin as a Neighborhood Watch captain.  All the versions I've read, all Zimmerman says to Martin before the altercation begins is "What are you doing here!"

Put yourself in Martin's shoes.  You're walking around then notice some guy in a SUV is following you.  You walk faster, the guy gets closer to you in his car. You start running.  THE GUY EXITS THE CAR AND RUNS AFTER YOU ON FOOT.  

A new story is emerging that says Martin turned back and ran up to Zimmerman after Zimmerman gave up the foot chase and was about to get back in his vehicle, as if somehow this 'proves' Martin was the instigator.  

In fact, I could see myself doing the same thing.  I'm walking around minding my own business, guy follows me in his car, I run for it, he jumps out of the car and chases me on foot, then turns back and runs to get back in his car.  

What would my first thought be?  THERE'S NO USE RUNNING. HE'S GOT A CAR AND I DON'T.  He's just gonna keep following me.  Maybe get so close the next time he jumps out of the car he will get ahold of me.  Damn right I'm going to decide "Let's find out what the hell this guy thinks he's doing." 

One thing the stories agree on: when Martin gets close to Zimmerman, he demands to know why Zimmerman is following him.  ZIMMERMAN NEVER TELLS HIM.  Instead, Zimmerman makes a demand of his own: "What are you doing here?!"

You know how I would answer that?  Probably the same way Martin likely did:  "None of your f**king business."  Imagine how you would respond if a total stranger jumped out of a car and loudly and aggressively demanded to know what you are doing walking on the sidewalk.  
In the rush to defend Zimmerman from the rabid mob Al Sharpton is trying to stir up, let's not lose sight of the fact there is plenty of evidence this kid is dead because Zimmerman made some really awful decisions.  

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  1. Maybe Martin went somewhere that a man in a vehicle couldn't follow? Like someones back yard?
    I go along with the point you make, that the decision making seems poor on Zimmermans behalf, but Martin doesn't seem to made any better.