Friday, March 16, 2012

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Well here we go! The official launch of the....uh....official Draw and STRIKE! blog! Yeah, gotta make this sound important 'n stuff!

There's much going on these days, and I will be posting a lot.  I welcome any and all comments from everyone, no matter where they are on the political spectrum.

After mulling over the idea of launching out into political blogging for the past few years, the recent death of Andrew Breitbart finally pushed me to action.  I was reading the comments section of Big Journalism where I came across a post that said:

"Who's going to replace Andrew Breitbart and carry on the fight? YOU WILL. YOU DO IT!"

I found that incredibly moving. And true.  I mean, was going to continue sitting back and letting others like Andrew do most of the work while I cheered them on from the sidelines?  Wasn't it time I got up off my ass and got into the game?  25 years of being a Conservative, of reading, thinking, arguing, learning, do I have anything to contribute or not?

Andrew's message was that for far too long the Old Media shut out alternative views and slanted the news to fit their agenda, but with the rise of the internet and new technologies, citizen journalists can expose this and finally make them answer for it.  The Old Media shaped and guided the national conversation through omission and distortion, but now new voices are being heard and the Old Media is no longer a monopoly.

Join me in being a part of the new media! Get into the game also! There's plenty of open spots on the team! 

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