Monday, September 17, 2012

Just How BIG An Advantage 
Does The MSM Have To 
Give Democrats In Their Polls 
To Get Obama A Lead, 

Somebody took a look at those polls from the past 2 weeks and crunched the numbers.  

Here's the results.

So to drag Obama's ass to a horrible 1 pt lead ABC/WaPo had to give Democrats a laughable +10pt advantage in their sample.  Awesome. 

Most of these polls are assuming/praying/hoping for/sacrificing to the gods that the voter turnout in 2012 matches that of 2008, when Democrats voted more than Republicans by +7 pts.  

With Dem. voter enthusiasm way down, and Republican voter enthusiasm up, not to mention the 35%=35% deadlock from the 2010 mid-terms, where Republicans and Democrats turned out in equal numbers for a historic ass-kicking of Democratic incumbents, hoping for a +4 to +7 Democratic turnout in 2012 is a fantasy.  

So that's what these polls are trying to sell: a fantasy.  As I said back in early August after Pew Research put out poll with a +19 Democrat sample so they could crow Obama had a whopping 10 point lead on Romney: 

They attempt to create public perception with these polls, but all they REALLY end up doing is fooling their own Lefty base. The simpletons out there will just look at the headlines and go "Oh hey, Obama's got this in the bag. 10 points up! Awesome!"

This is why the idiots in the Progressive base always walk around stunned after they lose an election, blubbering "B-b-but the POLLS!!!!???"

They fall for this Kabuki Theater all the time. This is how they can scream the election must have stolen because..................the polls!

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