Saturday, September 15, 2012

Local Security Contractors Hired
To Protect US Diplomatic 
Personnel In Highly 
Dangerous, Unstable 
Libya Were Not Allowed
To Have Any Bullets

As he bravely placed himself between US diplomatic personnel 
& the onrushing terrorist attackers, Hamid wondered how long
it'd take them realize his gun was empty

Turns out the reason they had to hire local contractors to provide security is because Hillary Clinton decided to make a very, VERY small footprint in Libya.  Which meant nixing Marines for ANY diplomatic station in Libya.  

And then in their insane Rules of Engagement (ROE), The State Dept. went on to stipulate that the locally hired contractors were not allowed to have any bullets in their guns.

Remember how the Left was crowing yesterday over that unsourced & disputed story that claimed Marines stationed in the Cairo embassy weren't allowed to have loaded weapons?  

Good luck debunking this one.  The paper trail is extensive.  And damning.  

No wonder the State Dept. clammed up and said it's not talking about Benghazi any more.  

UPDATE:  Now that plenty of other embassies around the Middle East have had their security breached, the Obama administration is belatedly trying to beef up the security.  

And not having much luck in some places.  They politely asked the gov't of Sudan if it would be OK for a platoon of Marines to enter the country to help guard our US embassy there.  And the gov't of Sudan politely said no.

UPDATE II: The Wall Street Journal also reports that local Libyan security hired by British firm to guard Benghazi consulate were in fact unarmed:
Mohammed Farraj, a soldier who was part of a four-member Libyan military unit permanently stationed at the facility. said he heard commotion on the dirt road outside the compound about 8:30 p.m. and was told by walkie-talkie of a group of armed, bearded protesters gathering.
There also were four private security guards, all Libyans, who weren't armed and worked inside the compound. Interviews with the Libyans indicated there also were four to eight American security guards around the compound when the attack started.