Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just How Out Of Touch Is 
The Democratic Party 
Leadership Anyway? 

"The Government is the only thing we all belong to."  

Yes, this line was actually said during the DNC launch today in a video.  Here it is: 

This is even worse than the huge misstep they made earlier this year with the 'Life of Julia' slideshow.  At least THAT only limited life-long dependency/ownership by the Gov't to just females.  

Citizens do not 'belong' to the Government.  The Government belongs to THEM.   Politicians we elect and the government they make up are our EMPLOYEES.  This is American Government 101, which apparently the people running the DNC either never learned or don't believe.  

The comments at the YouTube page are coming fast & most are just brutal: 

Yeah, because that is what Washington, Jefferson, Madison and the other founding fathers fought and died for, so that we could belong to the government. Wow, this is pure statist doctrine. Nothing about freedom and liberty. As someone else said, I belong to NO government. The government belongs to us, they are our employees, and it appears that it is time to let a goodly number of them go because they aren't working out.

Belong to?
This is not a collective. We are not part of the state. We own it, it does not own us.

You've got to be shitting me; the government belongs to the people, not the other way around. Christ, this is pathetic.

Once again, the Dems attempt to portray opposition to their worldview as "anti-government". It's not a question of using government -- it's a question of what kind of government should we have and what it's role in our lives should be. There is a big, BIG difference between conservatives desire for a small limited government with clearly defined powers that supports the individual, and the Dems desire for an all-powerful and ever-growing nanny-state.

Short and to the point: 

I belong to no government

The myopia top Dem's operate under is in full display here.  They will scratch their heads and never 'get' why there's any controversy here at all.  Hey, America IS a collective! And even it's not, it should be, you wingnutz! 

Like 'The Life of Julia', they'll attempt to 'explain' why there's no problem here at all.  Like the kids singing praises to Obama back in 2009, creeping out all normal Americans, Liberals will confess to be mystified about what the problem is.  

This is why we'll win. They honestly can't hide their beliefs, which are anti-ethical to what America stands for and what has made it great.  The brighter ones do 'get' it but claim they don't.  The dumber ones just repeat what they're told.  

UPDATE:  The Debt clock ticked over $16 trillion just as the DNC launched today.  That's $6 trillion bucks in new debt in less than 4 years.  Wonder if anybody at the DNC even noticed?  

UPDATE II: Convention moved from 74,000 seat Bank of America Stadium in North Carolina to a 20,000 seat indoor center.   

And yet Fox News had fun all night scanning the crowd and showing all the empty seats.  Good thing they moved because the optics of Obama's speech on Thursday night at a 1/2 full stadium would have been terrible.  

Also just found out Bill Clinton will be going head to head tomorrow night with the launch of the 2012 NFL season.  Hmmmmmmm.   Bill Clinton talking about how awesome his economic plan was back in 1996 that Obama will suddenly begin using if he gets re-elected OR the Cowboys/Giants game.  

Wonder who's gonna win THAT ratings battle? 

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