Friday, September 28, 2012

Example #132,456 Of Just How Far 
Into Deception These Lying MSM
Hacks Will Go To Invent A
'Romney Gaffe' Out Of
Thin Air

Last week it was Romney telling a joke about airplane windows that stupid Leftists took and ran with as if he was making a serious statement. 

This week? 

Take a look.  

Hey NBC News, are you done embarrassing yourselves yet?  Let us all know so we can turn out the lights on your horrible, horrible organization.  What is this, the 4th or 5th time you've been caught editing/doctoring video/audio this year?  

Remember, this election isn't just about getting rid of Obama before he does further damage to the country; it's about exposing this pretentious Mainstream Media that pontificates to anybody who follows it that it is a neutral, objective, nonbiased source of information.  Any bias or slant you THINK you see to their coverage?  Ah man, you're just IMAGINING that.  

This is the year that BS is finally laid to rest.  After relentlessly cheerleading for Obama to the point they'd do hatchet jobs like this on his opponent, when Obama loses anyway it'll finally dawn on these assclowns the only people who believe they aren't the unofficial propaganda arm of the Democratic Party are either crazy or stupid or both.  


  1. Romney was and is a scum sucking pig, he doctored allkinds of shit moron, including video of crowds. That fucktard couldnt get 50 idiots together at one time for a while, but the way Romney Liars ran the video, you would think there were crowds. Hell of those 50, prolly 40 were staff.

    The only shit head media lying to people was FOX SPEWS and hate radio. Apparently you shoved all this shit up your ass.

  2. Touched a nerve with the truth, did I?