Thursday, September 27, 2012

Republican Voter Enthusiasm
Is Way Up......
& Yet MSM Media Polls
Are Predicting A 
+9 Voting Advantage For
Democrats In This Election

Let's take a quick look at just how absurd these new polls are.

As Jim Geraghty at NRO points out, these new polls from CBS News posit an electorate that is MORE heavily Democratic than 2008.  If you've been reading this blog awhile, you know by heart now what the Democratic advantage in the 2008 electorate was: +7 points.  They outvoted Republicans by a whopping 7 percent.  A historic wave election.  

And yet, CBS News and other MSM polling organizations are claiming their polling is showing them an electorate that is now even MORE Democratic than the one in 2008.  

Look how many of these MSM pollsters are claiming to find an electorate more heavily Democratic than 2008's +7 when Dem. voter enthusiasm was over 60%

Instead of being +7 Democratic, these new polls claim an electorate that is +9 Democratic. Wow.  This is great news for Democrats, right?  Why, voter enthusiasm for Democrats must be through the roof right now! 

Oh wait a minute.  Hold on.  Don't start celebrating just yet.  Or as Winston Wolf would put it, "Let's not start flicking each other's Bic's just yet." 

What did I show everybody in that last post I put up before this one?  Oh yeah, here it is: 

Here's the glaring problem with CBS's poll - and any other poll - that claims the electorate on Nov. 6 is going to be even more heavily Democratic than the +7 that was seen in 2008: 

Democratic voter enthusiasm had to reach 61% and Republican voter enthusiasm had to drop to 35% to produce a +7 Democratic advantage in the 2008 election.  

Now the roles are reversed since Nov. 2010.  See, in Nov. 2010 there was a mid-term election in which Democrats and Republicans TIED each other at exactly 35% of the vote apiece.  That +7 Democratic advantage from 2 years previously was wiped out.  

Not only that, Republican voter enthusiasm continued to climb while Democratic enthusiasm waned.  According to Gallup Republican voter enthusiasm is 51%, right where it was in 2004 when Bush beat Kerry in an election where Democratic enthusiasm due to Bush Derangement Syndrome was at a whopping 68%.  

Right now Democratic voter enthusiasm is at an 8 year low at just 39%.  And yet we're expected to believe according to the latest MSM polls that this 8 year low in Democratic voter enthusiasm is about to produce a historic +9 Democratic electorate that will top 2008. 

This isn't just absurd. IT'S LAUGHABLY ABSURD.  

Democratic advantage in elections is going from +7 in 2008 to +0 in 2010 to a whopping +9 in 2012? You don't say?  A NINE POINT SWING in just 2 years?  Even as all the real polling organizations like Gallup show Democratic voter enthusiasm dropping through the floor?  

The Mainstream Media - ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, CNN, MSNBC, the NYT's, WaPo - they are ALL now propaganda arms for the DNC.  They are doing what they have always done - slanting their news coverage and their polls to favor one political party over the other.  And all the while they hypocritically pontificate to whoever listens to them that they are NOT doing this, that they are neutral, objective, etc. etc.  

One good thing to come out of this election will not just be Obama getting his ass kicked by the voters; it's also going to be the MSM being exposed again for what it is, despite all it's high-brow protestations to the contrary: a partisan propaganda machine.  

They are forced into this absurdity because we are winning.  And the great thing is instead of depressing Republican voter turnout like they hope to do, all they'll really end up doing is fooling their own base into thinking there's no sense of urgency here, Obama's got it in the bag, so lots of people who don't usually vote in that Democratic base won't feel particularly compelled to do so.  They honestly don't think Obama can lose.  

Boy, are THEY in for a shock.  


  1. Sounds like a Romney landslide to me! Good times to follow! Everything's looking up, America!

  2. See this Breitbart article: 41 Million Tea Party Supporters Set to Vote:

    Looks like a bunch of really enthusiastic voters coming to the polls, just like in 2010. It's going to make a difference.

    1. Of course it is. And the MSM totally ignores this in their polls. They have to weight the polls to 'fit' a 2008 template when millions of Republicans stayed home and didn't vote.

      That won't be the case this November.

    2. So the AP poll you believe? Why isn't that one rigged? Oh, that's right - because it says what you want to hear.

      Well, there's other good news for Romney - it seems some of the Republican voter suppression is working, so if enough blacks, Latinos, students and old folks don't get to vote, things are looking up for you guys! Who cares about them anyway, right?

    3. Try to pay attention: When the AP asks that question about Tea Party, they bury the results.

      Then when they poll to get a 'snapshot' of the electorate in 2012, they go RIGHT BACK to using the '2008' template, where Dem enthusiasm was over 60% due to Hope N' Change fever but Republican enthusiasm had cratered to 35%. Millions of Republicans stayed home and didn't vote.

      So in 'weighting' their poll to try to predict what the 2012 turnout will look like, yes, the AP goes right back to predicting a low turnout for Republicans.

      Republican turnout will likely exceed Democratic turnout on Nov. 6. Since most independents are swinging Romney's way, this is what will lead to Obama losing badly.

      +9 Democratic is a fantasy.

    4. As for the 'vote suppression' BS if in 2012 America you aren't smart enough to be able to get an ID in a world where you can't buy prescription drugs, rent a video, rent a room, or about 100 other f**king things I don't want you voting anyway.

      The public wants Voter ID. It's going to get it. So whine away.

    5. Of course you don't want all Americans to vote.

      That doesn't sound like democracy, these tactics sound like a banana republic. And you're one of those guys that dismisses huge portions of the country and its citizens while still having the gall to profess to love your country, no doubt. What you really love is the part of America that is in full agreement with your beliefs and politics. The rest can die or move to Sweden.

      And if the public wants voter ID, then they've been brainwashed, since voter fraud is virtually non-existent.

      Bye-bye, democracy. Hello, plutocracy.

    6. And, of course the Democrats want everyone to vote, except for the military, because they tend to vote Republican, and then you have no problem with the New Black Panther Party suppressing white vote in Philadelphia, but you really, really want resident aliens to vote, and it doesn't matter whether they are here legally or not, you want them to vote. Oh, and don't forget the necro-Americans! Just because they are dead, that should not keep them from voting for Obama or any other Democrat, now should it? And, we mustn't keep convicted felons from voting, either. Why, if the 1009 ineligible felons had not voted in Minnesota, we might not have Senator Al Franken.
      As for voter fraud being "virtually non-existent", all we have to look at is your very own national convention, when voter fraud was on display for the entire nation.