Wednesday, September 5, 2012

After Months of 'War On 
Women' Rhetoric & Blowing 
Millions of Bucks On Ads 
Targeting Women, 
How's Obama Doing? 

Not so hot.

Be interesting to see how much of a bounce among women - if any - Obama gets after the abortion/birth control/more government is ALWAYS the answer clusterfark of a DNC is over in North Carolina this week.  


  1. As one blogger pointed out: the Democrats are the only party with a known kill in the War on Women ... courtesy of Ted "the swimmer" Kennedy.

  2. Good point. I know many people who do not know the details of Chappaquiddick, beyond "There's a rumor Ted Kennedy left some dead girl in a car that flipped over into a lake."

    Three facts I have to correct them on:

    1. Mary Jo Kopechne was still alive when Ted Kennedy abandoned her to her fate and
    2. Kennedy, knowing a woman was trapped in a submerged car never reported the accident; 2 fisherman found the car when they went to the Chappaquiddick bridge to fish over 6 hours after the car went off the bridge.
    3. After telling friends he would report the accident, Kennedy never did. Instead, he went back to the hotel, dried off, changed his clothes, and appeared outside his room and asked a passing hotel employee what time it was. This was to establish his alibi that he wasn't driving the car and that Mary Jo had dropped him at the hotel & that was the last he saw of her.

    If you or I had done what Kennedy did, we'd have gone to prison. Driving drunk, get in an accident. abandon your passenger trapped in a submerged vehicle, and then never report it? I dare someone to convince me I or any other ordinary citizen could have done that and not get convicted of a crime.

  3. Going after Ted Kennedy. How timely and relevant. How can you lose? Ha-ha!

  4. You mean the guy who was just portrayed as a "hero" at the current convention? Yes, it is timely and relevant because it says something about the people who now worship him. Think it would mean something if they had pictures all over the place of that German fellow with the funny moustache. How about his contemporary, that Russian fellow, also moustached.

  5. Hitler and Stalin references for the lose!


  6. Oh yes. The "Conscience of the Senate"
    Didn't he also ask for assistance from Brezhnev when he was running for President?