Sunday, September 2, 2012

Liberal Air Head Melts Down On 
Camera Over Having Her 
Collective View Challenged

The real drama takes place starting around 8 minutes in, but take the time & watch the whole thing for the full context.  

Two rational, logical guests, one a business professor at Wake Forest & the other is a business/finance consultant, make the mistake of making a rational, logical point to explain why job creation is lagging. 

WATCH THE LOOK IN THEIR FACES as Harris-Perry launches into her rant.  They clearly are confused and wonder what kind of alternate universe they've wandered into. 


They were simply making a point that is manifestly true: business owners own their own capital. They will not risk it unless they feel SECURE in doing so, since expanding their businesses & hiring new workers is a risky proposition when you have no idea what  your business costs will be just a year or two down the road with the hugely uncertain business climate Washington is creating.

They've got ObamaCare coming 'on-line' in 2014 and it's PROJECTED costs have already more than doubled since it was passed.  They've also had The Sun King playing 'will I or won't I let the Bush tax cuts expire?' for 3 1/2 years.  

They simply CAN'T predict how much new employees will cost them. Hell, they have no idea what the EMPLOYEES THEY ALREADY HAVE will cost them in a year.  But they do know costs will be going up - dramatically.  Obama's fully intending to let the Bush tax cuts expire; added to the new insurance costs they'll be facing, businesses that shed workers over the past 5 years aren't exactly in 'hey guys let's expand the business!' mode right now.

You know how bad that business environment is out there?  Green tech companies can't stay open even though Obama's pumping billions of taxpayer dollars into them.  Solyndra's $500 million taxpayer bucks was just the tip of the iceberg.  The list of government-subsidized Green Tech companies that have closed their doors in the past 3 1/2 years is now longer than my arm - and I have a pretty damn long arm.  

Even with Washington trying to pick winners and losers in the market by targeting businesses with billions of dollars in loans they can't keep these green tech companies afloat.  Imagine what it's like out there for people trying to decide whether or not to invest THEIR OWN MONEY, not some bureaucrat investing other people's money.  
Was actually drawn to this because of the opening part about 'cracking the code', where MSNBC hosts take what Republicans actually are saying and then 'break it down' and 'decode' it to reveal all that wonderful racism/birtherism/hate boiling just 'neath the surface.   Also the shilling for 'fact' that Obama didn't 'really' end the work requirement for welfare.  Uh, yeah.  Using an executive order to allow the waiving of the work requirement isn't the same as ending the work requirement.  Why, if you don't apply for the waiver, of course you still have to try to find work! Duh! Thus missing the point NOBODY was supposed to get free welfare without trying to find a job.  

But this Harris-Perry melt down is pure comedy gold here, folks.  Not to be missed! 

From the comments at the YouTube page: 

By the way, I just have to mention it. Whenever libiots like this can't deal with the fact that their caring, compassionate "War on Poverty" was a flop, umpteen trillion dollars after the fact, they never admit their ideology of progressive, do-gooder-ism has been a miserable failure. Instead, they act like they never put their failed policies into practice at all. Hence the line at 8:47 when she screeched, "We have to create a safety net for poor people" That's the window into libtard delusion.

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