Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ThinkProgress' Matt Yglesias

Matt Yglesias at Think Progress is supposedly a pretty smart guy.  Today he tweeted out this in response to the idea that it's supposedly one of the Government's key tasks to redistribute wealth:

Which prompted this response from me: 

So why was Matt suddenly pontificating on Twitter about #mythofownership in regards to a supposed gov't 'right' or 'responsibility' to engage in wealth redistribution? 

How about because a new video has surfaced of Obama forthrightly saying he believes in wealth redistribution and sees it as one of the Government's key jobs?  

Here's the Obama video from 1998 in which he discussed his belief that it is indeed the Government's big responsibility to engage in wealth redistribution: 

Hey Barack - pay attention here.  I already debunked this BS: 

So Progressives have gone from "You didn't build that" to justify sending more $ to Washington so politicians there can spend it to 'help' the private sector create jobs....

To this latest stupidity of "You don't really own that" to justify the gov't taking your property you worked for and giving it somebody else because it's 'fair'.

Later on Twitter I put together a train of thought explaining why Progressives like those in OWS can brazenly state they are entitled to the fruits of other's labor in such a breathtakingly arrogant fashion.  It's exactly because of the kind of thinking Matt Yglesias was advancing above: 

If Progressives honestly are stupid enough to believe #mythofownership, then that is WHY they feel entitled to other people's money, among other things.  Work becomes of no value because owning property becomes of no value, and since all citizens deserve an equal outcome, it's only 'fair' that the Government redistribute the wealth evenly to every one.  

How hard you worked - or didn't work - should not have any bearing on your financial status.  

I can't think of any other belief that is as anti-ethical to being an American than this.  

But these are the same people that will bristle if you say their beliefs aren't compatible with America, or if you call them socialists.  

Go figure.  


  1. Funny how the right survives without the left, but the left dies without the right.