Thursday, August 2, 2012

Media Polls Already Skewing
To An ABSURD Degree
To Keep Obama Afloat &
It's Only AUGUST! 

Anybody remember this post from back in May when I called out the Associated Press for putting out an especially skewed poll?

Yeah.  Well turns out not only was I right, I was even more right than I knew.

But I.......even I..........cynical long-time political observer that I am, did not expect this.

Today Pew Research - which styles itself as an above-the-fray non-partisan polling organization - released a poll with a +19 pt advantage to Democrats in the sample.

That's right.  Pew released this thing with a straight face.  Totally serious about it.

That breaks down to a D/R/I of 43%-24%-32%, which is utterly and completely without excuse.  Pew couldn't even try to defend this.  But it's OK because nobody in the MSM will point it out, so Pew won't have to.

As Ace at Ace of Spades said on this: 

I'm sure if Rasmussen pushed a poll showing an R+10 electorate, the lulz would never cease. Pew? Total silence.
That's right. Pew can put out a poll claiming a D+19 electorate & they know no one in the MSM will call them out on it.

In case anybody forgot what the electorate actually looked like the past few election cycles:

As I said back in May:
So - quick recap.  Democrat's Party ID advantage: 
2008: +8
2009: +6 
2010: +2 
2011: +4
So the AP expects people to believe that the Democrat Party advantage has surged to over double what it was last year to +9 or more?  
Laughable.  Note as you read the end of the PDF the AP mentions they also weighted their sample but does not say HOW or in which direction.  How much did they swing the weighting of the sample to get a +9 Dem advantage & how much did that affect the +8 lead the poll gives Obama over Romney?
To get an accurate poll they need a sample that mirrors the current electorate, which would give Dem's a +4 Party ID advantage at best.  Instead they more than double that to an absurd +9.  
To get Obama above the 3.9 MOE, they have to resort to this?  Can't wait to see how big the skewing of the sample gets the next few months.  

And now we know! D+19! I can't wait to see which MSM polling org. is the FIRST to cross the D+20 line! Who will it be? Will it be CBS? NBC? CNN? The AP?

They attempt to create public perception with these polls, but all they REALLY end up doing is fooling their own Lefty base.  The simpletons out there will just look at the headlines and go "Oh hey, Obama's got this in the bag. 10 points up! Awesome!"

This is why the idiots in the Progressive base always walk around stunned after they lose an election, blubbering "B-b-but the POLLS!!!!???"

They fall for this Kabuki Theater all the time.  This is how they can scream the election must have stolen because..................the polls! 

If Pew had to massage this thing to D+19 to get Obama to a 10 pt lead over Romney, you know in a fair weighting he's down at least 6-7 pts.  Obama is underwater and sinking fast, so we can expect MSM organizations like Pew to totally shred whatever credibility they had left to try to drag his ass over the finish line.

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