Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obama's Palace Guard Rushes
To Save Him From His 
Latest 'Gaffe'

I put "gaffe" in quotes because as we all know by now, these aren't gaffes or mistakes at all; these statements are where Obama says precisely what he believes & then his political handlers & his media enablers rush to 'explain' what he really meant.

Naturally, the MSM immediately realized what a stunningly telling thing it would be for the President to talk about massive transfers of taxpayer funds to industry to 'help them build that'.

Ace at Ace of Spades wonders when we can start taking Obama's own words at face value:

Anyone notice a pattern continuing from 2008...? Obama continuously expresses his strong preference for European socialism -- "redistribute the wealth," "you didn't build that," let's do bailouts "with every industry" -- and the media is always Johnny-On-The-Spot to insist to you your ears did not just hear what they just heard. 
At what point do we begin crediting the alleged super-genius and supposed master orator of our time with comprehending the words that come tumbling out of his corrupt mouth? 
Is Obama a big boy? Does he wear his big boy pants? Then let him choose his own big boy words, and stop trying to tell us he meant something other than what he said.

He then goes on to point out how Politico rushed to 'clarify' what Obama meant:

Politico has now "fixed" the story, because they claim they were "unclear" about Obama's intent, about his main thrust. Although they don't say so, they're attempting to now say Obama did not mean he wants to heavily invest government money in every industry -- even though his actual examples are about precisely that (subsidies for the wind farm industry, for example).
Obama wants to use government $ to 'help them build that' - he's being entirely consistent here, but now watch the MSM rush to convince people they didn't hear what they heard.

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  1. Well, Obama is trailing Romney in gaffes about ten to one. There you go - Romney wins at stupid!