Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do The People Making These 

Obama Ads Have An 

Internet Connection Or Not? 

I'm assuming they'll engage in basic research FIRST before they put out an ad.  After all, it costs money to make these ads and then you have to pay big $$$ to have them run on various media sites.

Last week it was MoveOn.Org rolling out an ad that made the claim the Romney's collected a $77,000 deduction on Ann's dressage horse.  

MoveOn.Org debuted that ad on August 2nd.

The only problem? That claim had been thoroughly DEBUNKED weeks before.  Here's Lee Stranahan tracking down how the smear got started and cataloging every Lefty site that passed it on without doing even basic research. And he was doing this back on July 13.  By that time even the sites that had originally started the smear had made corrections and admitted they'd gotten it wrong:


We're not talking like a few DAYS before that ad was rolled out.  Anybody who spent 5 minutes researching the claim on the internet would have learned the claim had been debunked over a month before.  It never had any truth to it; the only thing that got it started was the same thing that kept it going for weeks in some circles: ignorance and people finding it 'too good to check'.

Now another PAC shilling for Obama has put out a new ad that's selling another debunked smear, only this one is even OLDER than the one about the $77,000 tax break.  


It's been a matter of public record for months that Romney left Bain in 1999.  Yet watch what this ad put out by Priorities USA claims:
Romney leaves Bain in 1999.
Steel plant is closed down in 2001;
Soptic's wife passes away from cancer in 2006.

So yeah.....Romney's fault.  Obvious, right?

They've gone RIGHT BACK to claiming Mitt's responsible for business closings that occurred after he left Bain.  They already tried this and got caught, yet they've gone right back to it.

Even IF Romney HAD been at Bain during this time, this attack is a non-starter.

In private equity firms like Bain you can't save every business.  It's not like the federal government which never gives up or ends a program and just keeps shoveling millions more of taxpayer's money into it.  Private equity firms are in business to make a profit. Sometimes you have to restructure a company by letting workers go; you save the company but some people lose jobs.  And sometimes - like in the case of the steel plant being discussed here - you can't save the business.  Government can subsidize failure with other people's money as long as they can politically get away with it, but private sector businesses don't have that option.

When Obama & Co. took over General Motors, fired thousands of people by closing hundreds of GM dealerships, restructured the company by reducing it's size, and saved money by cutting lose a bunch of non-union pensions, they were doing EXACTLY what Bain does, except they were doing it as the State, not a private business.

It's time to ask: do the people putting these ads together have an internet connection or not? Can they not bother to spend like 10 minutes doing basic research on something before spending big $$$ on something like this that is so easily debunked?

If they want to keep making it THIS easy to debunk their BS, hey I'm all for that.  I'm just wondering why they don't even seem to be trying any more.

LATE BREAKING DEVELOPMENT:  At the time of the GM takeover, there was a big stink over the fact that 20,000 GM workers had their pensions gutted.  People noticed all the UNION workers at GM didn't have their pensions gutted, just those that weren't union members.

The Administration INSISTED at the time they weren't responsible for making this decision.  And now evidence has turned up that they lied to Congress under oath about this:


UPDATE:  No basic fact checking at all. None. Zero. Zip. Bubkis.


CNN does the actual fact-checking that Team Obama couldn't be bothered to do:

Soptic's wife still had health insurance through her own job at another company, which she kept AFTER he lost his at the steel plant.  #EPIC FAIL there, Team Obama.

UPDATE II: After this latest exceptionally vicious smear attack ad blew up in their faces in all of one day, even the people who put it together are distancing themselves from it, claiming they have no idea who didn't do the due diligence:


Legally Team Obama can't coordinate with a PAC; and yet that appears to be exactly what's happened here.


Via Politico. Remember, thanks to the lame legal fictions of campaign finance law, the Obama campaign is forced to pretend that the Obama Super PAC responsible for yesterday’s smear heard ’round the world is entirely independent of it rather than a wholly owned subsidiary. What you’re about to see is the absurdity of that fiction taken to its logical conclusion. So eager is lifelike talking-points robot Stephanie Cutter to keep the campaign’s fingerprints off the cheap lies in the PAC ad that she claims at 4:00 below not to know the facts about when Soptic’s wife got sick or when she died. Minor problem: The campaign itself featured Soptic in not one but two ads several months ago and had him tell the story of his wife’s death after he lost his insurance during a conference call with — ta da — Stephanie Cutter. 


UPDATE III:  Somebody got around to noticing the relevant fact that while Romney had left Bain in 1999, it was OBAMA BUNDLER Jonathan Lavine who was actually RUNNING Bain when the GST steel plant was closed: