Thursday, May 9, 2013

With Eyewitnesses Finally Coming Forward Despite Threats & Retaliation, The Truth Is Coming Out:

The Obama Administration Lied To America About A Terrorist Attack For Weeks For No Other Reason Than To Cover Its Own Ass & Win An Election

Deliberately lying about a terrorist attack for even a single day would have been bad enough.  But the Obama administration desperately tried to sell its YouTube video version of the Benghazi attack for over two weeks.  
U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice launched the cover up on 5 Sunday news shows.  For the next 17 days the administration sold the video narrative to whoever would listen - including the grieving families of the 4 Americans that died.  
A moment that will live in infamy: Hillary Clinton knows the
truth that there was no Benghazi demonstration over a YouTube video
when she blames it for the Benghazi attack -
and then tells Charles Woods they are going to 
prosecute the videomaker
Listen at 16:40 as Hillary Clinton blames an inflammatory 
YouTube video as the 'cause' of the Benghazi attack that killed 
US Ambassador Chris Stevens & 3 others

They finally gave up because even the WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORP couldn't help itself and started laughing out loud at Jay Carney's attempt to keep the meme alive.  

The great thing about the Benghazi conspiracy for the Progressive Left is that the cover up had a TIME LIMIT. 

The cover up lie about Benghazi being a 'spontaneous event' caused by 'a YouTube video' ONLY needed to last until the election was over.  The whole point of the cover up was to make sure the administration avoided any political blowback over it's own incompetence that led directly to this attack and 4 dead Americans.  Blowback might hurt Obama's reelection chances, so a cover up became necessary.

A sitting President & his administration made a calculated political decision to lie to the American people for WEEKS about a terrorist attack in which Americans died so they could avoid any accountability for it and win an election.  And once the election was over and they won it, it was time to turn the page on Benghazi forever.  

For over two weeks the administration had all it's ducks in a row: Obama, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney - at every opportunity when asked about Benghazi they CONSTANTLY blamed the YouTube video and claimed it was the cause of the attack.  This DESPITE the fact there was NEVER a shred of evidence provided by anybody in Libya that there had been any kind of protest at all.  All the evidence they had from people on the ground pointed to a terrorist attack. 

But it couldn't BE a terrorist attack on a consulate they had isolated & stripped security from in a terrorist hot zone on the anniversary of 9-11.  It just COULDN'T be.   This fact was not politically helpful.  
Neither Gregory Hicks or anybody else on the ground in Libya that day
EVER reported any kind of demonstration/protest at Benghazi. 

When Their Man In Libya called and asked just where in the heck did this idea come from that the Benghazi terrorist attack was REALLY just a 'spontaneous protest over a video', since neither he or ANY BODY ELSE on the ground in Libya he was aware of had EVER told anyone back in Washington that, he was basically told to shut his mouth and drop this line of questioning.  
The same administration that had told him what an awesome job he did during and after the Benghazi attack then turned on Hicks and demoted him for not being a team player and questioning their cover up.

The media reaction to this has been predicable.  A whistleblower who just happened to be the State Department's top guy in Libya once Steven's died & he had to take over just testified to Congress that wherever the administration got this weird idea that the Benghazi attack happened during a video protest, they certainly didn't get it from him or anyone he talked to, and this isn't some big revelation.

The media is DISTINCTLY uncurious about who decided to totally invent this talking point about a video protest in an attempt to get this administration off the hook for getting caught with it's pants down on 9/11/12.

Something Ace of Spades & I discussed on Twitter:

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  1. Impeachment is definitely imminent for Hussein. Now that we know it was a terrorist attack not like Hussein said that it was only a"terror" give me a break. The lid is getting blown off now and pretty soon the Sharona law will not work here.