Thursday, May 2, 2013

While The Left Still Waits With 
Bated Breath For The First
Tea Party Rally To Devolve Into
A Riot.......

Let's All Enjoy The Usual Round Of Excuses They'll Make For THESE May Day Protesters As They: 

  • Assault Cops
  • Engage In Massive Amounts of Vandalism
  • Say Stupid Stuff

Only in the minds of Leftist goons can police not letting them move in on a glass storefront so they can vandalize it be worthy of assaulting cops:

I asked this over a year ago, and the challenge still stands: Find me one example from a Tea Party rally where people assaulted cops or engaged in vandalism like this.  If one cannot be supplied, then can we FINALLY bury this stupid Leftist meme that the Tea Party is 'violent'? 
At Seattle's May Day protests last year, Asst. Police Chief Mike Sanford made an ill-advised
attempt to effect an arrest after he witnessed an act of vandalism - and had to be rescued by his
own police force after being surrounded by black bloc protesters, several of whom were armed
with clubs and pipes. 

Here's a website making the usual BS argument Lefty's use to excuse the always-present violence during these protests:

Yes, anarchists always 'hijack' the peaceful march.  Nothing they can do about it really, even though this happens EVERY time. I don't know, maybe I'm unrealistic, but if EVERY YEAR or every WTO meeting you have a march that turns violent, how many times  can you float this idea that your side isn't really doing anything violent, this is anarchists 'hijacking' your protests?  

Somehow I get the idea if Skinheads or violent wackos on the Right ever did start 'piggybacking' Tea Party rallies, Tea Party organizers/marchers would NOT get off the hook by simply claiming their peaceful rally got 'hijacked'.  And even IF some people would buy that, how many years in a row would they take that excuse before reconsidering? 

While cities like Seattle lose millions of dollars every year to the vandalism that inevitably occurs during these protests, it's worth noting this kinda stuff never happens in red states.  Because when they tried to vandalize a store, some of these rioters would get shot.  

UPDATE:  John Ekdahl & Ace both put up posts on this at the Ace of Spades blog that are both well worth a look:

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