Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Andrew Breitbart & Lee Stranahan
Vindicated On Pigford Scandal

The New York Times 'revealed' to it's readers a few days ago what everyone who followed Andrew Breitbart and Lee Stranhan's expose of Pigford knew over 3 years ago: 

After starting out for a legitimate purpose to rectify real grievances, the Pigford program was turned by Democrats into a huge vote-buying scam using taxpayer money right out of the Treasury.

For exposing the corruption and lies of Pigford, and how it has devolved into a huge cash cow for Democrats fronting bogus discrimination complaints in order to steal taxpayer's money, Andrew Breitbart and Lee Stranahan were mercilessly lampooned, mocked, ridiculed and attacked by the Left for over 3 long years.  

But that didn't stop them from telling the truth about Pigford and how it was dishonestly being used to defraud American taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars: 

Eric Bohelert made countering every single revelation about Pigford by Breitbart & Stranahan with mockery and ridicule his own personal quest from his post at Media Matters For America:
Since the NYT's broke this front page expose of the huge extent of Pigford corruption on April 25th, Boehlert hasn't tweeted or posted one word about it.  Anyone care to guess why? 

To me, this was the biggest revelation of the entire NYT's story: 

Er, what?! You mean Attorney General Eric Holder has had for 5 years 'broad discretion' to settle Pigford cases all by his lonesome without any messy Congressional or Court oversight and we're only just NOW finding out about it?  

Here's intrepid Attorney General Eric Holder trying to decide
how much Treasury money to hand out to some guy who never
owned a farm but who WILL be very generous with future 
Democratic votes and donations. 

So how many MILLIONS of the taxpayers money has he directly funneled out of the Treasury in the past 5 years?  And who got all this money? Was anybody keeping count? Does any one know? 

Congress needs to look into this just as soon as it's done with it's Benghazi and Boston Marathon bombing investigations.  

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