Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lefty Media's Big Excuse For Missing
Pigford & Benghazi Stories:

"Right-Wing Media Covering Those Stories

Made Them Untouchable.  So Our Lack of
Coverage Is Their Fault."

I am not joking.  This is not a parody.  They are actually saying this at places like MSNBC, Salon.com, and The Atlantic.

First, The Atlantic article by Conor Friesenwhatsis in which he admits Breitbart was right about Pigford BUT it was also Breitbart's seizing hold of Pigford that MADE 'progressive journalists' not want to look into the claims of fraud:


Friensendoofus' take on this is that Conservatives talking about Pigford made Lefty Progressives see it as merely a 'Conservative issue' and this prevented them from taking their own close look at what was happening with all that Treasury Dept. money with the Pigford settlements.

In point of fact Breitbart  and other right-leaning media practically end up having their stories PICKED FOR THEM due to 'progressive jounalists' deciding to deep-six stories that make Progressives & Democrats look bad.

A point I made in the comments at The Atlantic:


Click image to view at full size

Salon.com is also floating the justification for ignoring Benghazi: because it was a 'Fox News story' so if it DOES turn out to be something & nothing happens, this is Fox New's fault.  Or something.  See if you can make sense of this:

While we won’t know exactly what the three will say until they testify Wednesday, some pieces have leaked. Thompson, according to Fox News, is alleging that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to cut out his counterterrorism bureau from the department’s decision-making in responding to the attack. This, Thompson will reportedly allege, was part of the administration’s attempt to downplay the terror connection to the attack. [...]
If the three new witnesses don’t get the attention they deserve, Fox News and its ilk deserve much of the blame.
Yes, this is the defense the Lefty Media is going to mount for 'missing' these important stories. Because of their ideology, they refuse to cover something, the Right does, so now this gives the Left a reason to discount the story because it's only "Right-wing people talking about it.". 

And once the story grows to the point the Lefty Media HAS to cover it, they blame the New Media for 'doing it wrong' and forcing them to stay away.  

I've had it with this stupidity. 

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