Saturday, May 11, 2013

Liberal Stupidity Case #23,443: 

Concrete Example From The Benghazi Talking Points Of The Obama Administration's Attempts To *DEFINE* The Threat Of Islamic Terrorism Out Of Existence With Word Games 

CBS New's Sharyl Attkisson - one of the few real investigative reporters that will follow the story no matter WHERE it goes - was discussing the Obama administration's heavy editing of the CIA's talking points on the Benghazi attack.

As ABC News' Jon Karl revealed on Friday, those talking points underwent 12 revisions, and at no point was a YouTube video mentioned in any of them, something that reduced Jay Carney to a stuttering idiot yesterday in his briefing with the White House press corp.

Attkisson was tweeting out the nature of the administration's edits, which you can read about here:

Note this peculiar particular edit she mentions:
Uh really? An attack supposedly over a video in an area inhabited by Islamic militias, why would they feel a need to remove the word 'Islamic?
Oh. That's issues.  The Obama administration had LIMITED the language federal agencies can use when discussing 'man caused disasters' overseas.  

Even as they were getting ready to put out the false narrative about our consulate being sacked & Americans being killed by an Islamic mob due to a YouTube video, somebody in this administration objected to the use of the word 'Islamic' in the CIA talking points.  

Marvel for a moment, if you will, that people locked into this kind of stupidity are presently in charge of our national security.  

As you'll recall, I ranted about how this stupid Obama policy of trying to DEFINE the threat away just last week:

.....from the earliest beginnings of this administration's roll out of it's 'smart power' policy of redefining the domestic terror threat out of existence, people were warning this would put the walls between federal agencies right back up and put us on a pre-9/11 footing again.  AND AMERICANS WOULD DIE BECAUSE OF IT. 
Dick & Liz Cheney were exactly right, as all the fumbling and bumbling by the FBI, CIA, DHS and White House the past 2 weeks has amply demonstrated.  
Click on image to view at full size, read from the bottom right

With his eyes wide open, Obama led a rebuilding of all the walls between federal agencies when it came to sharing info and being alert for foreign & domestic Islamic terror activity.   Because, as in everything, he was convinced it was in his political interest to do so. 
From Bengahzi to the Boston Marathon Bombing, Obama's stupid and dangerous short-sighted policy of playing word games with real existential threats has already borne bloody fruit and will continue to do so until we get new people in charge.  

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