Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Obama Loses The Second
Debate Too

1. In 2008 Obama wasn't a governing incumbent with a lousy record. 

He could wax rhapsodic about his amazing potential. But now in 2012 after being the in-power incumbent for four years, he can't spend major time talking about what an awesome, special person he is. His SELF-NARRATIVE was key to his easy victory over a weak John McCain.

Obama won in 2008 based on this AMAZING NARRATIVE he had about himself, about what an AMAZING SPECIAL PERSON he is.

Of course, some people still haven't figured out this scam yet

In the first debate, Romney forced Obama to play defense on his record on jobs & economy.

Romney will do it again tonight.

Obama is at his best when he's MAKING PROMISES & TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF.

When free to talk about what an amazing guy he is, and all the awesome things he can POTENTIALLY do, Obama can wax rhapsodic

At the 2012 debates, Romney has ensured Obama ISN'T free to talk about his amazing self-narrative.  Liberals don't realize what a HUGE handicap this is to Obama.

Instead, Obama will keep having to talk about what he's actually DONE as President - and also what he HASN'T done. Romney - and some of the questions he'll likely get from the audience - will force him to talk about this. 

Obama had no experience making executive decisions in 2008.  That's why he HAD to make his campaign about himself, not his experience.  Romney will talk about his experience  running the state of Mass., and his agenda in office if he's elected.  That ALSO forced Obama off his game.  He's running against someone with actual executive experience this time and trying the whole personality cult thing  of "But look at how AMAZING I am!" won't work.

Now lots of people think that Obama will do much, much better in the townhall format here because he'll talk about how much he CARES.

But in fact, Romney will show if he CARES so much about people, why didn't he show leadership & really tackle this country's problems?

Romney will point out - again - "You've been President for 4 years. You've had plenty of time to show how much you CARE by acting."  People aren't looking for someone who talks all the time about how much they CARE and then can't fix the problems.

2. If Obama tries the more forceful, aggressive strategy tonight, saying the same losing arguments that way = LOSER

Obama never had to defend a record of failure before, and it showed in that first debate. He didn't know what to say. He rambled, got lost, rambled some more.

Obama can try to bluster and spend a lot of time at the debate trying to attack Romney, making the case 'you don't want this scary guy over there; stick with me! You know what to expect from me!'

He tried that at the 1st debate and Romney just totally blew up all his strawman arguments. For this 2nd debate, Obama could try saying the same things, but saying it ANGRY this time.  A lot of people on the Left feel that Biden not only won his debate with Ryan, he CLOBBERED him with that smirking, chortling, interrupting act.  So they'll positively love it tonight if Obama tries it against Romney. 

It may be who Joe Biden is, but it's not who Obama is. If he tries it, he'll look fake.

That brings up the next point: what new arguments can Obama bring up to say in this new angry tone?  Obama making the SAME LOSING ARGUMENTS in a more FORCEFUL, AGGRESSIVE manner will not help him. Romney will be ready.  He'll end up making Obama look even more clueless and lost.  Obama will have to have new arguments, or just adopting a new tone won't help.  

Whatever new stuff Obama has, it better be good.  If he doesn't at least force a clear tie tonight, we're going to see another slew of 'Does Obama Really WANT To Win?' fawning editorials from the Left, with the assumption that the only reason The Smartest Man In The Room is getting his ass kicked is because he's somehow lost interest in this whole thing.