Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Difference Between 
Romney & Obama

You know the real reason a lot of incompetents go into government?  

For guaranteed jobs no matter how lousy they are at them. 

In the private sector these people wouldn't flourish. Hell, they likely wouldn't even survive.  

That's why since the 1960's Public employee unions have set about creating a byzantine system on purpose that makes it virtually impossible to fire public employees.  This is why places like New York City has to spend millions a year on 'rubber rooms' where incompetent, dangerous teachers they can't get rid off are paid to sit around and do nothing.  



That's not even the worst thing.  Did you know these incompetents ALSO use their incompetency to constantly whine for more tax money to be given to them?  

Only in Big Government can failing to do a good job actually lead you to seriously ask for MORE  money.  

Stupid, Incompetent Government Bureaucrat Drone: "Yes, you're right. Our useless gov't department did a lousy job last year with the stuff it was supposed to do.  But see, that was YOUR fault. You only gave my department $500 million taxpayer dollars to spend.  We CAN'T do our job on an even average level UNLESS you give my department $600 million to spend next year.  As long as you're only giving us $500 million to spend, these are the same lousy results you're going to get."

Obama: OK, here's your $600 million. 

Romney:  You're fired.  

Someone who sees constantly growing government as a GOOD thing would have no problem throwing other people's money at the problem and hope it gets 'better', despite the fact the people USING that money have already demonstrated they can't do a good job with what they were already getting.  

The private sector forces you to be smart and efficient since it's your OWN money you're 'throwing around' and if you waste it you can't just turn around and ask some bureaucrat for more.  

In the private sector, you don't get more of a Company's $ until you PROVE you can adequately manage what you are ALREADY being given.

The government never goes out of business no matter how lousy a job it does.  No matter how much money they waste, or how inefficiently they do their job, there's ALWAYS more cash on tap next year.  

"Sure we're doing a lousy job for the $ we're being paid and the resources we're using. But if you'd only GIVE US MORE $, we'd be better!"

Try that in a private business.  You mess up, you not only lose your job, you could cost everyone in your business their job too.  That forces people to be smart, careful and frugal.  

Obama's demonstrated throughout his first term that he is a Big Government guy all the way.  The Federal Gov't doubled in size from 2000 to 2011, and Obama has done NOTHING to slow that growth.  In fact, he's accelerated the trend dramatically.  

In private business Romney had no problem firing people who couldn't or wouldn't perform to an expected level of competence.  The Left constantly tries to make this look like it disqualifies him from being President or something because it proves what a mean bastard he is & how he 'doesn't care about people'.  

I don't know if you've had any dealings with the actual government bureaucracy lately, but there are an awful lot of people in there that deserve to be fired.  Now.  And instead of being made to perform at an adequate level, they've been allowed to sit there and suck up tax dollars and keep doing a substandard job.  

Sure Romney might get in there and become George W. Bush II, and just grow the government like he did.  But here's the thing: Romney will have a Republican Congress with a large Conservative contingent to keep him honest.  We have to give him a shot. 

We KNOW Obama isn't serious about it. He's had 4 years, 2 of them with a majority, and he did nothing on the spending or the deficit.  Time to give Mitt a shot and see if he'll shake up Washington.  

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