Friday, October 12, 2012

The 'Big Shift' To Romney 
The Media Is Manufacturing 

Check out the Real Clear Politics Electoral Map:

Romney is currently building leads in FL, VA, NC.   OH is a tie at the moment.  Romney well within the margin of error in the others, which is why they're tossups.  

Romney now leads in 5 national polls, is tied in 1 and trails Obama by 1 in another: 

Look at the way the polling has gone the past 2 months, for Sept-Oct. 

The DMC-created mirage of the 'inevitable' Obama victory is evaporating.  Several of these polls are STILL using absurd D+8 or greater samples....AND ROMNEY IS AHEAD.  

Team Obama must have needed new shorts after seeing some of these numbers.  

As the race enters it's final 3 1/2 weeks, the Democratic-Media-Complex [DMC] is being forced to tick downward it's absurd D+9 or greater poll models to a more realistic D+4 or so.  They've also started to switch their polls from Registered Voters (RV) to Likely Voters (LV), something that will bring the actual electorate into sharper focus.  

Now I've been saying for months Romney's going to win in a landslide.  The actual desire of millions of Americans out there from 2009 to the present to stop Obama's agenda and get him out of the White House has only increased since the 2010 mid-terms.  

But the DMC figured it'd get around that fact by just, you know, IGNORING it.  They've spent a year and a half pretending the Tea Party is stone cold dead.  They announced it had died, then quickly moved on, never realizing the Tea Party was growing just fine before they ever even deigned to look down from their chariot and notice it.  And it's grown just fine since they decided to start pretending it's dead.  

The next 3 1/2 weeks they'll have to keep ticking downward on the Democrats in their samples and adding Republicans and Independents and weighting them to fit actual reality.  When they do that last poll just before Nov. 6, we're going to actually see a +R electorate.  Maybe as high as R+3.  

When that happens the Left is going to absolutely freak out.  All they're gonna remember is that the DMC was telling them for MONTHS Romney had no chance.  What about all those polls showing Obama up by DOUBLE DIGITS?  

The only POSSIBLE explanation many of them will entertain will be that the REPUBLICANS HAVE JUST STOLEN ANOTHER ELECTION! 

They will reject the real reason: that the DMC was intentionally fudging the numbers to drive a narrative it wanted and to shape perception in an attempt to sell the idea back in August & September that this race was already long over and Obama had won it.  

Now the same DMC that loudly told anybody who was still listening to them that this race was over in September are going to have to spend all of October and the 1st week of Nov. watching Romney leave Obama in the dust.  

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