Monday, October 15, 2012

The Street Theater Will Continue
Until Morale Improves! 

So you probably heard about this story BuzzFeed was pushing a few days ago, and it was quickly seized on by other Lefty sites like Huffington Post.  A bald white guy showed up at a Romney rally in Lancaster Ohio wearing this shirt: 

The amazing thing? Nobody got a picture of this guy from the front.  Just a single picture from behind.  Nobody interviewed him & reporters there did not ask him about the shirt he was wearing.  Somehow he managed to avoid becoming an instant internet star.  He just magically appeared and then somehow got away, returning to the complete obscurity from whence he came. 

Oh. OK.  

[Actually, being serious for a moment, because this is a false flag attack, they can't show the guy's face or interview him, because if they did THAT he'd be quickly identified and people would discover he's a Democrat, not a real Romney supporter.  It would blow the game.]

Also a few days ago, the Obama For America [OFA] HQ in Denver had someone shoot out a window: 

Now I don't know about the Denver office window. There ARE crazy people on both sides.  But I'm very certain the guy in the picture wearing the shirt is a Democratic operative doing a false flag attack on Romney's rally.  

The only site on the web that sells that slogan that anybody can find is the virulently anti-Palin website Zazzle:

So it's almost certain that guy is doing a false flag hoping to give the MSM exactly the kind of story about 'Romney supporters' that they want to be making.  

This isn't the first time the OFA office in Denver has been attacked.  In 2009 11 windows were smashed, and it turned out the perp was actually a Democrat:

So while plenty on the Left are now screaming about racist hate-filled Republicans driving around in their pickup trucks looking for OFA buildings to attack, let's remember who often gets caught after these supposed 'hate crimes' take place: somebody faking it to make a play for sympathy.  

Isn't it curious that Romney's been trailing Obama in the race until just last week, yet we never had the MSM finding blatantly racist messages at the 100's of rallies held, or any acts of vandalism at OFA buildings?  Surprisingly this stuff has only started happening SINCE Romney pulled ahead.  

I had some fun with this train of thought on a message board today:
I can only imagine as Romney's lead continues to grow how his supporters will struggle to contain the VIOLENT, RACIST RAGE that dwells within them.

After hundreds of Romney rallies this year, and months of no incidents at OFA buildings, right after Romney surged into the lead we've got the media - like Captain Ahab and his great white whale - suddenly spotting EXACTLY what they've been hoping to find at the same time Denver's OFA HQ gets attacked again, just like it was in 2009.

Since they waited until their guy was leading the race to start this behavior, I can only wonder just how much worse it's going to get if Romney actually builds that lead.
Of course I'm being sarcastic here. If actual Romney supporters were frustrated and desperate about what's going on in this campaign badly enough to start lashing out, they would have done this in the months their guy was trailing.

It's really interesting that these street-theater false flags starting happening the week Romney surges ahead for the first time.

You can expect to see more false flags the next 3 weeks. These aholes actually think this is going to be a close election, so if they can swing a few voters by faking racist Republican messages and vandalism, they just might drag Obama over the finish line.

Fueling this kind of stupidity is a WaPo/ABC News poll out to day trumpeting loudly that Obama holds a slim 1 pt a D+9 alternate universe.
So the "OMFG, you're not going to vote for the guy supported by the RACIST/VIOLENT mob, are ya?!" street theater will continue.

To much hilarity.

Yep. It's gonna be a fun 3 weeks, folks.  


  1. "Almost certain" it was a "false flag?"

    That's terrible, terrible "journalism."

  2. No, no...Zazzle isn't anti-Palin. It's a Cafe Press type site; it'll publish anybody's slogans (well, no, not anybody's...they're very retentive about intellectual property issues, but you know what I mean). I've been selling conservative-sloganed junk there for years (but not Palin stuff; I could never get her likeness down).

    Here's the thing, though -- if America is so gosh-darned racist, wouldn't an image of a racist t-shirt at a Romney rally actually help him? You know, if whites are secretly white supremacists, wouldn't this be appealing to them?

    1. Logic & Leftism don't go hand in hand. It just complicates things.

    2. Facts and conservatism don't go hand in hand. It just ruins crocked up BS.

  3. Zazzle isn't an anti-Palin site. You might want to change that lest a mistake like that taint your otherwise rock solid journalistic integrity.

    Hahaha - sorry, I tried to keep a straight face, honest. - JF