Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tyrone Woods & Glenn Doherty 
Refused To Stand Down.
Now We Need To Know 
Who Ordered Them To 
Then Refused To Send Them Help

Turns out Tyrone Woods & Glenn Doherty were even bigger heroes than we knew.

Yeah sure, they rushed from the CIA safe house to the Consulate and evacuated a buncha trapped Americans and led them to safety. Sure. Everybody knew that part for the past month and a half.

But now it turns out they had to DISOBEY A DIRECT ORDER to do that.

They were told to stand down and stay right where they were. And as they continued to hear the consulate come under fire, they finally said F**k this! and went came to the aid of those trapped in our consulate anyway.

Who knows how many more Americans would have died if they hadn't disobeyed their order to stand down?

During the second half of this 7 hour attack, after they escorted the people they rescued to the safe house, when the CIA safe house came under fire, they requested help. And were turned down again. Doherty and Woods were manning a machine gun on the roof of the safe house when a mortar round took their lives roughly 7 hours after the first shots were fired. Everyone in the building then fled and raced for Tripoli. They all made it.

Thanks to the heroes that gave their lives.

Here's Obama yesterday TWICE dodging the question when directly asked: why during this 7 hour long ordeal was no help sent to these trapped Americans? You had forces that could have been there in an hour. Why was nothing sent?

In light of the fact it's now common knowledge the last 4 hours or so of the attack on the consulate and the annex were watched LIVE via an overhead drone, the question why no help was sent is only growing.

CBS News has been told that, hours after the attack began, an unmanned Predator drone was sent over the U.S. mission in Benghazi, and that the drone and other reconnaissance aircraft apparently observed the final hours of the protracted battle.

This goes beyond the 'We said it was a terror act on day 1! No wait, now we'll say for 2 weeks it was a YouTube video! Hold on! Terror attack after all!' sideshow circus the White House played the last month.

The issue is boiling down to:

1) What possible reason was there for stripping security from these isolated personnel deep in the heart of Al-Qaeda land in the face of a deteriorating security situation and

2) What possible reason was there for leaving our own people trapped and isolated out there once a full scale assault on them began? An assault that lasts over 7 hours where they had a live video feed showing them exactly how bad it was? 

Watergate was about a conspiracy to bug a phone at the DNC and Nixon likely didn't even know about it beforehand. But he joined a conspiracy to cover it up. 

This was a terrorist attack on US soil that killed 4 Americans and we're goddamn lucky it wasn't a full scale massacre with victims in the upper 20's/low 30's. It defies reason these guys didn't ask for help during a 7 hour attack. So NOBODY dares go on the record & say "We didn't send them any help because they never asked for any." That's why CIA, State Dept., White House are currently playing the denial game: "Hey, WE didn't turn down any requests for help. Must've been somebody else."

But it's on the record: nobody sent anything to them when it mattered, when they were in mortal danger. The Marine FAST team didn't arrive until the next morning, 12 hours after the attack started and about 5 hours too late. 

Who decided to sit on their ass and just watch it unfold? Better question: Who made EVERYBODY ELSE sit on their ass and just watch it unfold?  Eventually we're going to find out.   People are going to talk.  

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