Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why You Should No Longer 
Feel Sorry For Chicago Or
Any Other Large Urban City 
With An Out-Of-Control
Gun Violence Problem:

They Are Doing This

Two news stories from the last couple of weeks illustrate what the REAL problem is in Chicago, why they are having 190+ shootings in a month and had 22 murders in the first 11 days of 2013. 

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel keeps going in front of cameras and insisting the REAL PROBLEM is all these ILLEGAL GUNS that keep ending up causing shootings inside his precious city.  So he's pressing for a new slew of gun control laws to 'fix' the problem.  


News story #1: 


Gee, out on bond for SEVERAL weapons charges, you say? How many are we talking about here? 
How about....FOUR?  And guess what else? 

That's right. This guy had FOUR pending weapons charges waiting for trial from last September, and this wasn't just him showing a gun to somebody.  Note the additional charges: two counts of  unlawful use of a weapon ON A PERSON.  That means this guy SHOT at people at least twice.  Yet a judge allowed him to post 10% of a $40,000 bond and RIGHT BACK OUT ONTO THE STREETS HE WENT.  

And on January 13, acting on an animal cruelty report, cops find this thug with...not just another gun, but MULTIPLE GUNS: 
Inside the home, officers found cannabis, cocaine, and more than $1,500 in cash, police said. Officers also found a Yugoslavian semi-automatic assault rifle and a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, neither of which was registered as legally required, police said.
They catch them with guns....they take the guns away...they turn them loose...then they catch them....AGAIN...with.........MORE guns....

Now Rahm Emanual, due to the way his brain is wired, will read that story and go "Oh hey, see? Exactly what I have been saying! Note all the ILLEGAL GUNS  in this news story?  We really need to pass more laws to keep those ILLEGAL GUNS out of the city of Chicago!" 

Rahm's brain isn't wired to notice the central ACTOR in these crimes, just the OBJECTS the actor is using.  The CAREER CRIMINAL who keeps getting arrested with new guns isn't the problem, it's the guns themselves.  

News Story #2: 
Yep. Already a suspect in a murder, he's been out wandering around the streets for 3 years while awaiting trial and here he is racking up another victim. 

Another career criminal, caught repeatedly....turned loose repeatedly.  Even after they really think he killed somebody and needed to go to trial for it.  Note these are the only two new crimes where they really think it was HIM, the 2 days of rape and the carjacking of the 70 year old man.  In the past 3 years he likely racked up a hell of a lot more than just 2 new victims where the cops have no clue it was him.  

Liberals get spitting mad if you point out it's the large urban cities in deep-blue states with the STRICTEST gun control that have the highest gun-crime and murder rates.  They don't LIKE people pointing out this fact.  

But the fact is. Liberals have been running these big cities for decades.  They OWN this problem.  They created this revolving door justice system from the ground up.  They can't foist any responsibility on it over to the few Conservatives in their midst.  

That's why their only recourse on the gun crime issue when it comes up is MISDIRECTION.  They HAVE to keep the public's eyes off their policy failures by giving them a SCAPEGOAT.  

As I said on Twitter the other day [the bottom one is the 1st tweet, so read from the bottom up]

Their failed POLICIES that can't keep truly dangerous people locked up - or get mentally ill people the treatment they need - can NEVER become the focus of the discussion.  This is why they have to leap within hours of something like Sandy Hook or a particularly violent Chicago weekend to 'remind' everybody the problem is those EVIL GUNS.  

Legal, law abiding gun owners are the ONLY PEOPLE you can affect with new laws.  Criminals & crazy people will ignore any new law  you pass, just like none of the old laws you passed did a thing to stop them.  

Liberals know this, which is why they have to go about demonizing the legal gun owners to advance their agenda, generating a whole slew of propaganda about how there's something 'wrong' and 'not quite right' with people who own guns or want guns.  This puts law abiding gun owners on the defensive from the start, which is the POINT. 

You do not debate Constitutional rights with people.  Every time they set you up by asking you to 'justify why you need a gun' they might as well be asking you why you need free speech or freedom of religion.  Nobody every asks you to justify your 1st, 3rd, or 4th Amendment rights, so why do we always end up having to 'explain' how the Constitution gives individual citizens the right to bear arms in the 2nd Amendment?

Yet because they control the discussion, the Liberals and the MSM are able to frame it exactly how they want it, getting the other side on the defensive from the beginning and keeping them there.  It's time to totally turn the tables on them.  Don't even pay attention to a demand that  you justify your right to own a gun.  It's time to make them DISCUSS THEIR FAILED POLICIES. 

WHY was this career criminal back out on the streets committing his 4th violent felony after you already took 3 guns off of him in the past?  

WHY did this obviously mentally ill person never get the treatment they needed by being involuntarily committed?  

HOW was a 5 time loser allowed to plea bargain down from armed robbery with a handgun, post bond, and be running around the streets to shoot someone else? 

It's time THEY ended up on the defensive, not people who are standing up for a precious Constitutional right.  

This is why the NRA & Wayne LaPierre had the right strategy after Sandy Hook.  They went on the offensive.  They didn't play the Liberal's game of starting on the defensive.  

After 2 weeks of the Left either mocking LaPierre or pretending to have the vapors over his suggestion of placing more armed people in schools, look what happened.  He stood firm and waited for the discussion to go his way.  Maybe the GOP could learn something from that.  

So here's my call to the Conservatives here & on Twitter: Forget playing defense on the 2nd Amendment.  It's time to go on offense.  


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