Saturday, January 26, 2013

Joe Biden:  A Shotgun Is Better
For Self-Defense Than 
One Of Those Military-Style 
Assault Weapon AR-15's

Oh really?  Someone might need to tell Slow Joe why the AR-15 is a WOMAN'S PREFERRED DEFENSE WEAPON OF CHOICE. 

Practical experience has taught a lot of women about why the lighter, easier to fire and control AR-15 is more preferable than a 12 gauge. 

YouTube is chock full of videos of 100 pound girls getting owned by shotguns.  Here's just a few examples: 

On the other hand, AR-15's are so easy to shoot and control that 100 pound girls can fire them while SITTING DOWN.  

Another fact to consider is when you shoot someone with a shotgun round and hit them, they are actually being hit by  one HUGE SLUG or a dozen projectiles.  It's MUCH easier to survive getting shot with a single AR-15 round than getting hit with a round from a 12 gauge shotgun.  

Which will do way more damage: the single round that is made up of a single piece of metal, OR the single round that will send either a humongous steel slug or a dozen or more steel balls into the target? 

It's important to make this distinction because protecting yourself isn't necessarily about making sure you KILL somebody.   Many people would much prefer to put a single round into an attacker, ending the threat, but not killing anybody.  With a shotgun your chance of a 1 shot kill is GREATLY magnified.  

This is why Joe Biden is simply wrong about this. A shotgun is NOT the best weapon for self defense. 

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