Friday, January 11, 2013

We Are NOT A Nation With
An Elite Class & Then
Everybody Else

We Are A Nation Of Laws,
Not of Men!

OK I'm Kidding. 
We Just Had It Proven
Yet Again All That Matters 
Is Who You Are
& Who You Know

Alternate Headline: David Gregory Gets Off For Breaking A Law Where You Or I Would Have Ended Up In Jail

It was announced today that the Washington DC AG will not prosecute NBC New's David Gregory after he knowingly violated a DC law by waving around a high capacity magazine on the set of Meet The Press.

NBC News had sought clarification of DC's law making possession of such a high capacity magazine a felony before the show aired, and had been told by DC Police it would be an illegal act. 

Gregory then decided to display the magazine on the show any way.  Because it made such good theater when he waved it in NRA President Wayne LaPierre's face and all.  

I'm pretty sure David Gregory knows how the system in DC works, so he was aware he'd be pretty safe pulling a stunt that would get a lot of other people tossed ass first into a jail cell.  

David Gregory = NOT one of us little people. 

It's obvious that had this been, say, a US Marine traveling around Washington DC with such a magazine in his car, you know, an ordinary citizen and not one of the Special Elite Class that Liberals think should be running America and dictating sh*t to the rest of us, he'd have been arrested on the spot and be running up legal bills trying to avoid prison.  

Kinda like THIS guy here:

Hmmm. Yep, James Brinkley is most definitely NOT a member of 
Washington D.C.'s white liberal elite class.  

105 people were arrested in DC in 2012 for just being FOUND to have a magazine that took more than 10 bullets in their POSSESSION.  The magazine did not have to be in a gun and it did not have to have any bullets in it.  

Brinkley's case gets the most media attention because it's the biggest WTF??!! example out of that lot.  But there are plenty of others.  

This is nothing more than the same Zero Tolerance BS we've seen in schools, where kindergartners get a ride to the local police station in hand cuffs because a search of their backpacks turned up a plastic knife their mother put there for Crafts class.  

Just HAVING the object makes you a criminal.  Intent doesn't even enter into the equation.  The death of common sense in an over-legalized society is almost complete.  We used to demand people exercise judgement, but the great thing about Zero Tolerance on the Left is that it ENDS the need for common sense and judgment - this insanity actually appeals to their sense of fairness!  Every one will be treated EXACTLY ALIKE! 

But in the real world? Of COURSE everyone will NOT be treated alike.  Zero Tolerance laws are just for the little people, after all.  So 105 little people in Washington DC get arrested and get court dates and have to fight to keep from going to prison. 

David Gregory? Not so much.  Because as it so happens, he and his wife are part of this elite DC inner circle and they KNOW certain people.

Emily Miller sums it up best: 

Mr. Brinkley believes the “Meet the Press” anchor is receiving special treatment because of his high-profile job. “I’m an average person,” Mr. Brinkley said in an exclusive interview with The Washington Times. “There seems to be a law for us and a law for the upper echelon.” 
Mr. Brinkley was publicly humiliated, thrown in jail and forced to spend money to defend himself for violating a law that millions of viewers watched the NBC anchor violate. If D.C. is going to have this pointless law, it should at least be enforced fairly.

Kinda funny that the Liberal Elite that whine and caterwaul about 'fairness' all the time will always excuse themselves when it's time to pony up and take one for the team, isn't it? 

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  1. Great article! Right blend of facts and plain talk! Kudos.