Monday, January 7, 2013

Spending Problem?
WHAT Spending Problem?
What Is This 'Spending Problem'
Of Which You Speak?

Alternate Headline:  Obama & Friends Continue Their Stupidity Of Laughing Off Need For Spending Cuts By Insisting We're In This Fiscal Crisis Because We Haven't Been Taxing People Enough

Hey folks, now that the Fiscal Cliff deal is done, it's on to another exciting couple of months of negotiating on raising the debt ceiling again.  You know those guys up in Washington must enjoy this kind of thing because they had an ugly, protracted fight over raising the debt ceiling just last year.

Here's Barack Obama insisting to John Boehner that Washington doesn't have a spending problem, so could the wingnutz just stop this embarrassing call for spending cuts and just get with the program of raising taxes already? He's got HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in new spending he wants to do and all this stupid scaremongering just kinda gets in the way or something. 

Barack Obama: "We Don't Have A Spending Problem."

Sure, Barack. No spending problem here!  Why, that's just some kinda wingnut invention  there to scare people.  

Insane spending like this is going to end one way or the other.  We can't continue on our present course, so the only question is how bad the fiscal fallout is when the bottom finally drops out. 

Here's Mitch McConnell reminding George Stephanphoulowhatsis that we didn't end up with a 16 trillion + debt because taxes weren't high enough: 


It's been hilarious watching the Left trying to palm off responsibility for tax increases on about 80% of Americans from the sunsetting of some of the Bush tax rate cuts onto Republicans who were fighting for the past couple of months to extend all of them.

This is how #LIBLOGIC works: you fight for months for keeping all the Bush tax cuts against a President who's determined to raise taxes.  He holds the line and will not do a deal until you agree to massive tax increases on 80% of the country.  The Democrats & their propaganda friends in the mainstream media makes it look like your ONLY fighting to avoid tax increases on the SUPER-DUPER RICH.    You finally give in to get a deal done and give him the massive tax increases he wants - and suddenly HIS sunsetting of some of the Bush tax rates cuts becomes YOUR fault.  He can't be blamed at all because.....he's The One or something.

Let's remember it's Obama & the Democrats in Congress that insisted that the Bush tax cuts have expiration dates to begin with.

In case you missed it, there was a hilarious thread at Democratic Underground in which a poster wanted to know why their paycheck was more than $80 less:

I was reading that thread before the original poster deleted their post and the thread was locked.  It was absolutely hysterical watching the other DUmmies trying to convince NCTraveler this was a great thing - hey look, we're not shortchanging the Social Security Fund anymore!  Their taking more money out of your paycheck just means it's there for you when you need it!

Uh, no.  There is no $ in the Social Security fund.  It's all been spent already.  We're borrowing over $1 trillion a year just to keep the government solvent and people still think there's this 'Social Security lockbox' sitting around somewhere with trillions of bucks in it?  Just waiting for you when you retire? Really?

Newsflash: The politicians in Washington raided the SS fund long ago.  The only thing in that 'lockbox' right now is an IOU.  All that SS withholding you've paid for the past couple of decades was spent by Washington politicians just as fast as it came in.  SS is now one giant legal Ponzi scheme.  All the present workers paying into the system are now having most of that money turned around and given out immediately to support the retired elderly who's funds have already been spent. 

So now stupid DUmmies are trying to console themselves over their smaller paychecks by repeating a lie that all this extra withholding just means Barack & Co. are looking out for them, making sure the SS fund isn't underfunded.  

As if all this new revenue coming in because of the increase won't be spent just as fast as those clowns up there in Washington can get their hands on it.  

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