Monday, January 21, 2013

The first sign of a free people with real liberty is that they are not
'allowed to have' arms by their Government;
they have them by right whether the 
f**king Government likes it or not. - me, just now

There's Only One
Explanation As To
Why Most Americans
Still Don't Know
This Important Fact: 

The State Doesn't Want Most People To Know It


You'd be AMAZED at how many people don't know this.  Yet this has been demonstrated to be the case in courts of law REPEATEDLY:

Do You Have A Right To Police Protection?

The case law on this is incontrovertible. The answer is a resounding NO!

Yet during this whole gun control debate going on the past month after the Sandy Hook tragedy, it keeps being said: "Trying to defend yourself with a gun is nonsensical. Just call the police, let them handle it."

This kind of advice overlooks facts:

1. You often won't know you NEED the police until the crime is IN PROGRESS.  Average police response time from when the call is made to their arrival at a crime scene is FIVE MINUTES.
The average incident between a criminal and his victim is NINETY SECONDS.

Here's a Dept. of Justice report on police response times to calls for help compiled from 1996-2007:

2. You may not have time or even be able to dial a phone or scream for someone else to make a call to police on your behalf.

3. You may be too busy running, hiding, fighting to call for aid.

And once you finally DO get off a call for help, you'll STILL be on your own for around FIVE MINUTES.

Unless you got Mad Kung Fu Skillz, were a star on your high school track team, or have the hiding ability of a ninja, you just MIGHT have to defend  yourself until the trained, armed professionals get there to take over.

But understand THIS: the same Liberal authorities in those deep-blue crime-infested cities who strongly DISCOURAGE you from buying a gun, learning to use it, and having it for self protection ALSO will accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for protecting/defending you with THEIR 'official' guns.

If your Plan A, B, & C is to outsource your self defense to the State, you better come to understand ONE THING: that State you are relying on as your sole means of self-defense ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOU WHATSOEVER.

They mess up, don't show up on time, or even never show AT ALL, not only can you not sue them for damages [assuming that you're still, you know, ALIVE] you'll discover they never had any obligation to protect you in the FIRST PLACE.

What sense does it make to say "I take no steps or preparations to defend myself or my family in case of an emergency/criminal assault because I'll just wait for the people who accept no responsibility for my protection whatsoever to show up and handle this for me."

Yet I've encountered plenty of people on Twitter recently who are saying to others "Don't buy a gun, don't take any steps to defend yourself, just call the police, let them handle it. It's what we pay them for, duh!"
"A GUN?! Seriously? You're better off just submitting,
being a victim & giving them what they want. Wingnut! 

If YOU want to take no steps to defend yourself, FINE.  Do that.  Hide in the closet, pray they don't find you and hope someone comes to save  your ass in time.  What pisses off many Americans is watching people with that attitude turn around and pontificate that those of us who want a gun for self-protection are some kinda violence-crazed lunatics.

Maybe it's time to consider that many people in America know it's up to THEM to keep themselves & their family safe in the event of a criminal attack or other emergency.  They know this truth, that the police have no duty to come do it for them, and so they don't need to live behind a comfortable illusion.

UPDATE: Milwaukee Sheriff tells citizens the truth, Liberals get the vapors over it:

Time to ask again: which side in this gun control debate is dealing with REALITY and which one is trying to sell a COMFORTABLE ILLUSION to the public?