Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stupid Liberals Doing 

NY Gov. Cuomo's New 'SAFE' Law
Ensnares It's First 'Criminal': 
An Iraqi War Hero Who Sold
A 10 Rd Magazine In An AR-15

Liberals refuse to solve the real gun crime problem, so they'll write stupid laws like this SAFE Act to criminalize ordinary gun owners/sellers and then prosecute them.  To show they 'care' and are 'doing something' about guns.  Beyond pathetic.  

I'm a moron, folks. I'm now calling for the repeal of a main provision
in a law I pushed the legislature to pass in a hurry just a month ago.

Nobody makes a freaking 7 round magazine, something that Andrew Cuomo finally got around to realizing just a few days ago.
“There is no such thing as a seven-bullet magazine. That doesn’t exist. So you really have no practical option,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted yesterday at a news conference, explaining why his tough ban on ammunition magazines over seven rounds should be repealed. 
The bill must be repealed if New Yorkers ever want to purchase an ammunition magazine for their firearm.
Cuomo explained yesterday, however, that the new law will only allow citizens to put seven bullets in the magazines, unless they are at a shooting range.

Smart people tried to tell the liberals up there in NY this BEFORE they passed the SAFE Act that nobody makes a 7 round magazine, but anyone who spoke up trying to stop the law's passage or pointing out how unworkable it was, hey they must be right wing extremists and who pays attention to THOSE people?  

They wrote this thing & passed it so fast it didn't even occur to them to exempt police from it.

And note that if you get caught with a gun in NY state that has eight rounds in it instead of just seven, you've committed a felony.  Yes, you're reading that correctly.  Cuomo wants the law amended to read the act of putting an eighth round in a 10 round magazine is a felony worth up to seven years in prison.  

So - 7 bullets you're a law abiding citizen.  8 bullets in the gun? You're a dangerous menace to society and a criminal.  Thank God there's a court system to protect the rest of us from people like  you.  

Did I already say this was beyond pathetic?  I did?  Not one criminal with a gun in NY State will turn in a single magazine.  But you'll see a whole slew of honest people like Benjamin Wassell get dragged to court, maybe even get prison time, so stupid Liberals like Cuomo can smugly pretend they're 'fixing the gun problem'.  


  1. Regarding Wassell, he knew the law, and purposely broke it. He sold his rifles to someone who told him they couldn't legally buy firearms. I don't see the big controversey here, he's a criminal. Christ. And it was illegal before the new scary law, you whining right-wing outrage junkies.-JF

  2. Yes let's add on up to 7 more years to his sentence because of a scary pistol grip and 3 extra rounds of magazine capacity.

    It's not that he didn't break the law. He did. He sold to an undercover cop who told him he was a felon. It's adding the SAFE Act violations that could net him up to 7 more years in prison.

    BTW, the first sentence of this blog post is absolutely true: they'd rather pass new laws and criminalize the rest of us with stupid gun limitations that go after the real criminals.

    Strict gun control cities will continue to see skyrocketing levels of gun crime while the State pursues people like Wassell. Brilliant!

  3. So you admit that he's a criminal, but in the next breath talk about "real criminals." Geez, I wonder what that means.