Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It Begins To Dawn On Most
Democrats Just What A 
Huge Freaking
Boondoggle ObamaCare
Is Gonna Be...

So naturally some of them are already wondering if there's something they can do to foist the responsibility for this huge turd onto the Republicans.  

Sorry, Democrats. You own this sh*t sandwich.  You're gonna have to eat it.  You know who else is gonna have to eat it?  Tax payers and voters.  Think about that for a minute.  

No, this is *NOT* the ObamaCare Law that nobody read before passing. 
See, this is just *SOME* of the NEW job destroying, small business killing
 REGULATIONS of the ObamaCare Law. Rest easy, Citizen! 

The American Heritage Foundation in it's '12 Days Of ObamaCare' article spelled out the fact that while ObamaCare's costs keep skyrocketing, the actual NUMBER of new people who'll get health insurance coverage keeps declining:

One of Obamacare’s primary goals was to dramatically reduce the number of uninsured. To achieve this, Obamacare depends on a Medicaid expansion, new government subsidies funneled through exchanges, and an individual mandate to get people covered. 
In 2010, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that Obamacare would insure 32 million non-elderly people by 2019, leaving 23 million non-elderly Americans uninsured. 
In 2012, the CBO updated its projection to show that Obamacare would provide coverage for 36 million people through Medicaid and subsidized coverage in the government-run exchanges, leaving 30 million Americans uninsured in 2022. 
Surprise: That’s a projected increase of 7 million additional Americans who will remain uninsured despite Obamacare’s costly efforts to expand coverage.

Or another way to put it: 

Well when you remember this is the same administration that created 355 permanent 'green jobs' by spending $10 billion taxpayer dollars, it shouldn't really surprise you.  


As Obama and others with the 'vision of the anointed' have always admitted when they felt like being candid, ObamaCare is just a incremental step in getting the country ready for a single payer health care system.  To get the public ready for such a single payer system, they first need to 'prove' to the citizenry just how broken and insufficient the private health insurance and health care industries are without total government control over them.  

In other words, Obama & Democrats want to sell the public on the idea that the FREE MARKET is the problem because greedy capitalists are running it, so once the switch is made to having benevolent gov't bureaucrats running those industries from a central planning HQ, the prices will drop and the quality of the services will increase.  

But the one flaw in this plan is that you have to keep people from noticing it's GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE in that supposedly 'free market' that keeps prices climbing and the quality of service declining IN THE FIRST PLACE. 

As Ann Coulter has pointed out incessantly in columns like this one, we don't really have a 'free market' in this country when it comes to health insurance.   Gov't interference in the market keeps driving the costs up, and so the same people keep proffering MORE gov't interference as the way to 'fix' the problem.  

Government Bureaucrat: What's that? After we passed a crapload of new 
restrictions/regulations on the health insurance industry, 
your premiums went up again?  DAMN THAT FREE MARKET! 
When are you gonna let us do right by you, O Citizen, and just put us
 in charge of the whole thing?  

They're likely to try the whole 'Oh hey, we're just as surprised as YOU are at the rising costs, but hey it's the law, too late now!'  If  you listen real close, you can hear them whisper '...suckers!' at the end of that sentence.  

UPDATE! With some help on Twitter, I got the bright idea of crunching the CBO's latest update on ObamaCare.  We're going to spend $2.6 trillion taxpayer dollars in the next decade to....drop the # of uninsured people from 36,000,000 to 30,000,000. 

In other words, we're going through this ObamaCare hell to insure just 36 million people and when we're done there'll still be 30 million with no health insurance.  

You want to see how really stupid this is?  

Here's what we COULD be doing with that $2.6 trillion over the next 10 years: we could just directly GIVE it to each of the 36,000,000  uninsured and let them buy their own health insurance with it.  

How much money could each uninsured person in that 36,000,000 get out of that $2.6 trillion over 10 years? 

How about...$72,222.00.  Over 10 years that's $7,222 a year.  

Got that? We'd better off getting this 36 million uninsured people health insurance if the freaking government just GAVE THEM $7,222 a year.  

We'd spend the same $2.6 trillion we're slated to spent on ObamaCare, but instead of insuring just 6 million, we'd insure the entire 36 million.

Instead, according to the CBO, we're embarking on a 10 year, $2.6 trillion program, that is only gonna benefit 6 million uninsured people.  

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