Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Been Six Months Since The 
Benghazi Terrorist Attack -
And This Administration 
Continues To Stonewall 
Congress & Avoid Any 
Responsibility Over It

How bad is it?  The Congress can't even get this White House, State Dept. or CIA to simply TELL them who ANY of the Benghazi survivors are.  There are around 30.  Despite explicitly asking repeatedly for these survivors testimony about what happened that fateful night, not one name has been forthcoming. 

The White House keeps turning over heavily redacted information then claiming they've 'complied'with Congresses' requests. 

Imagine getting boxes full of papers that looked like this one & then 
having the prick that sent it to you claiming he's 'complied' with 
your request for information. Welcome to Darrell Issa's world.

CBS New's Sharyl Attkisson continues to be the ONLY major news network reporter demanding to know why this information hasn't been released to Congress yet:
Today marks six months since the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya in which four Americans were killed, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Some watchdog groups, members of the media and Republican members of Congress are asking: Where are the more than two dozen U.S. personnel who survived the attack but haven't been seen nor heard from in public since? There were also an undisclosed number of witnesses at the U.S. compounds in Tripoli but they also have not spoken publicly.
In a recent press report, Secretary of State John Kerry said he visited one survivor at "Bethesda hospital," and referred to him a "remarkably courageous person who is doing very, very well." Kerry added, "I've called his wife and talked to her." But the identities, condition and testimony of the survivors and witnesses have been closely held from the public.
Over 100 guys with automatic weapons, mortars and 
techinicals with 50. cal. guns on the back =
'spontaneous demonstration' according to this White House

One reason the administration doesn't want to see the Benghazi survivors testify about the events of the night of September 11, 2012, is that their  testimony before Congress will likely diverge from the administration's story as to what happened. 

The administration has claimed repeatedly no requests for help from Tyrone Woods or Glenn Doherty were denied.  Woods, Doherty & others were in constant radio contact with both the State Dept. and the CIA that night.   The White House, State Dept. and the CIA all had members that testified under oath and assured various media reporters that no requests for aid were turned down during the seven hour attack.  

The White House also embarked on a two week attempt to sell a false narrative to the country about the Benghazi attack being the result of a 'spontaneous demonstration' due to an inflammatory YouTube video.  Members of Congress have thus far been unable to get the White House to put forth ANY evidence they had that pointed to any kind of protest or demonstration in Benghazi that day or night of September 11.   The Benghazi survivors will no doubt be asked about this.  Especially in light of the fact the administration has already admitted they WATCHED the attack via overhead drone cameras.  How could they end up selling the video narrative when they knew from the first night how organized and heavily armed the attackers were? 

Another sign of a cover-up is that the administration claimed several people had been 'fired' over Benghazi who actually weren't fired at all, an obvious attempt to give some kind of fake accountability and then quickly move on that backfired when the truth came out:

"So we really didn't fire them like we said we did. 
What difference, at this point, does it make??!!!"

Hillary Clinton then had to 'explain' during her testimony before Congress why it was 'erroneously reported' that these four State. Dept. officials had been fired when in actual fact all had been placed on 'administrative leave' and were keeping their jobs:

Did the White House EVER have any evidence of the attack being as a result of a protest over a video?  Evidence has certainly mounted that from the time the attack was *STILL UNFOLDING* it was an organized terrorist attack, and yet for two weeks afterwards the White House attempted to sell the video idea.  

If 9-11-12 was a planned terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9-11-01, and if the administration had been stripping security from one of the most dangerous diplomatic postings in the world, then this administration had a lot to answer for.  Which is why it looks like they desperately attempted to sell a false narrative to the public for several weeks.  It was just another example of how this administration will never accept responsibility for it's own policy decisions and instead will simply lie.  

This very well could have been a full scale massacre with over two dozen dead Americans.  It was only the quick thinking, actions, and self-sacrificing bravery of two former Navy SEALs that the Benghazi survivors managed to escape. 

The American people deserve to know the truth about what happened that night.  I don't see the White House's attempts to stonewall lasting much longer.  

I did not write this poem. It's making away around the 'net. Kudos to the original author. 

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