Monday, April 1, 2013

News of the Week: 

Eagle Ford Shale Oil Field
Adds 116,000 New Jobs
& $61 Billion To Texas 
Economy In 2012

What's interesting is Eagle Ford was found just 6 years ago, and nobody knew at the time what a bonanza it was going to be.  It doubled it's oil output in just ONE YEAR from 2011 to 2012 and now clears 375,000 barrels a day.  

Eagle Ford in Texas, Bakken in North Dakota & Marcellus in Pennsylvania are leading the way in an energy revolution that is totally befuddling the Obama Administration. Take out the economic gains of states like Texas and North Dakota and the economic picture for the nation gets even bleaker.

But instead of following Texas' lead, right now Washington and the EPA are planning their counter attack.

Out Of The 100 Biggest Cities
In America, Only 14 Now Have
More Jobs Now Than Before 2007 Recession Hit

Not surprisingly, 6 of the only 14 major American cities that now have MORE jobs than they did than before the recession of 2007 are in Texas.  

And let it be noted: Texas Gov. Rick Perry has fought Washington constantly - especially the out of control EPA - to bring about this success.  

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Unsuccessfully Tried To 
Hide A Scientific Report From The Public

New York and other states could be enjoying the same economic lift from oil and gas development if it weren't for politicians that still buy the whole Global Warming fraud. 

“Thanks to a leak from an anonymous insider, we learned Thursday that a report commissioned by the State of New York has given fracking a clean bill of health. The insider ‘did not think it should be kept secret’ and released the document, which is now nearly one year old, to the New York Times.”
When NY State's own health department showed fracking is safe, Gov. Andrew Cuomo buried the report and continued delays.  

Remember when the authorities used to cover up dangers? Now they’re covering up news that fracking is safe, because that harms their political agenda.
9% of the population of NY State has gotten out in the last decade: 

9.0 percent of the state’s 2000 population, on net, left the state for another state between 2000 and 2011, the highest such figure in the nation. 
When NINE PERCENT of your taxable base up and leaves in just over a decade, you've got problems.

Just A Friendly Reminder: 
The Official Unemployment
Rate Keeps Dropping Because 
The Labor Force Keeps SHRINKING.  
It Is Now The Same Size It Was In 1981

It IS kind of amazing to consider there are now just as many people working as there was in 1982 DESPITE over 30 years worth of population growth and immigration.  

Global Warming Policy Is 
Killing People Already

While 250,000 people in the UK have died from cold since 2003, just 20,000 have died from heat.  

Due to totally buying the global warming fraud, the UK has drastically ramped down it's oil and gas production, closing coal-fired electrical plants and pouring trillions of wealth into useless solar and wind power farms.  The result being a terrible shortage of power last winter that caused power failures and some near misses in some areas, a doubling of energy prices in the past 7 years, and elderly and poor people FREEZING TO DEATH in ever greater numbers.  

So many people are now being forced into making an awful decision:  freeze or eat? Heat or food?  

The Great Global Warming Fraud can't be exposed fast enough.  

Like Michael Crichton, I knew back in the late 1990's the moment we would be able to check the computer model predictions the fraudsters were using to gin up the hysteria the whole thing would start coming apart. 

I agree with DrewM: 

After trillions in wealth has been wasted and misdirected and countless lives lost because of AGW Fraud, it's infuriating that not a single person will ever end up in prison because of this scam.  

Hopelessly In Debt & Facing Bankruptcy, 
San Bernardino, CA Is Contemplating A
Rather Novel Way Out Of It's Predicament:

As Maetenloch noted on this story: 

San Bernardino, CA is completely bankrupt but filing for bankruptcy still may not save it from CalPERS debt, insanely generous union benefits and pension payments that could take up 75% of the city's budget.But there is another option: death.
And lets end with this:  

The Guy Who Leaked The East Anglia 
Climate-Gate EMails Tells Why He Did It:

This guy should get a freaking Nobel Prize.  Instead, he'll have to keep his identity secret until the day he dies.  

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  1. AGW is another fad of the well to do. They know they'll be able to keep themselves warm and fed.