Friday, December 11, 2015

It's Time For Conservatives To Take Out The [White] Trash

Drunk And Stoned Losers On Social Media Plan To Create A 'White Race' Movement To Replace Conservatism

by Brian Cates

It became clear soon after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the US Presidency that there is a small but highly vocal group seeking to use his campaign to raise it's profile. 

Alternately called the 'Alt Right', 'White Culture' or even the 'White Race' movement, one of the first things you learn upon engaging it's members is their virulent hatred for Conservatism. 

This hatred is often expressed by the use of the epithet 'cuckservative', which means 'white race traitor'.  You quickly discover that in their view Conservatism has failed to represent the interests of the white race, and therefore it must now be thrown upon the ash heap of history.  Once Conservatism has been destroyed, the Alt Right can go about doing the job Conservatism failed to do: defend & protect the white race.

Anyone who thinks the goal of Conservatives was to represent the interests of 'white culture' never understood what the United States of America, Conservatism, or our Constitutional system were about in the first place. Conservatism doesn't represent a race and it never has or will.  So how it could have 'failed' to do something it was never created or designed to do is nonsense. 

Conservatism arose as a political philosophy with the overall goal of protecting & preserving the Constitutional system of government established by America's founders, as well as the common American culture.  

Although America's Founders were white, this was not a 'white government' they created.  Neither was the American culture they formed a 'white culture'.  

What the Founders created and why it worked: 

What makes America special & unique is that the Founders set up a system that TRANSCENDED race and class.  A system based on equality. 

Progressives have spent decades trying to balkanize America in pursuit of undermining the Constitutional system so they can replace it with a elitist system based on Marxist principles. 

Now the Alt Right shows up insisting the only answer at this point is not a return to the Constitutional Republic as it was founded, but instead to discard the Constitution & complete the total balkanization of America by having the white race join all the others in open competition.  

This goal of the Alt Right could not be more hostile to Conservatism if it tried. 

Instead of a color blind government treating all citizens equally, what the Alt Right wants is a racial spoils system with a dominant white race in charge reaping most of the rewards. 

The Founders deliberately set up a system of equality specifically to avoid this kind of thing, the racial and class strife that predominated in Europe.  

There are 'thought leaders' of the Alt Right who think racial competition is the natural order of things, and by trying to preclude it the American Constitutional system has been trying to do the impossible.  

Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War

My favorite part is about 15 minutes in where some of these losers sit down to watch 'Triumph of the Will'.  Their voices slurred from all the drinking & toking they've been doing, each one tries to outdo the others in praising the Nazis while decrying the evil United States, their own country which played such a key role in destroying what they view as a White Paradise.

It's 30 years later and the only difference now is all these drunk, stoned losers are on social media bothering everybody else. 

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