Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Nikki Haley Rule

Ever since South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley used her State of the Union response to attack a certain loudmouth blowhard who also just happens to be the current GOP front runner, if you believe the polls, I've been repeatedly told this was a horrible, rotten, terrible, no good thing for her to do.


'The GOP Front runner is untouchable! Didn't everybody already know this?!"

Apparently, there's some rule I've never heard of in 35 years of following politics that says candidates for a party's nomination can't ever attack or criticize the current front runner.

I'm willing to admit for the record, I am not omniscient. It could very well be there is such a rule and I just wasn't paying attention and missed it.

This was the look on my face the 1st time I ever heard the 'Nikki Haley Rule'
I call this my 'WTF??!! Face'

Or it COULD be that the Entertainment Talk Radio/TV/Web Clicks Wing invented this rule out of thin air to try to cover the ass of the deeply flawed candidate they are relentlessly shilling for and are now invested deeply in.
We've had over six months of Trump relentlessly running his mouth off in attacks on everyone, fellow candidates, politicians, journalists, anyone who gets in his way even momentarily. And every single time someone dares to fire back at Trump instead of meekly rolling over & showing their belly, the same pundits shriek in high holy horror.

This new 'rule' we've been hearing about nonstop from the Entertainment Wing for the past two days is bullshit. When Trump suddenly ceases to be the front runner, you think he'll suddenly zip his lip and not attack relentlessly whoever replaces him? And if he doesn't the Entertainment wing will call him out for it?

The moment Trump isn't the front runner, watch what happens to this supposed rule that says nobody can criticize the GOP front runner. It'll disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again. 

Goodbye, Nikki Haley Rule! We hardly knew ye!

If Trump isn't in the lead any longer, you think he's gonna zip his lip criticizing whoever replaces him at the top? Oh PLEASE.

Watch these same people not say a word when Trump loses the top spot once the primaries are being held, & he goes after Cruz with gusto.

This is nothing more than a double standard they made up to protect Trump from any criticism.

The hysterically funny thing is, many of these entertainment wing pundits are the same people who've spent over 8 years decrying the personality cult that worshipped Obama. Now here they are using the same personality cult tactics to ensure their new God can't ever be attacked. Well, as long as he's in front of the pack. Supposedly.

"Personality cults are a bad thing. *Unless* it's one I'm helping to build myself. To save America!"

And when Cruz or whoever is suddenly leading and Trump isn't, we'll have to remind the Entertainment wing:  "Hey, remember the Nikki Haley rule? Didn't you guys just spend all that time pontificating to the rest of us how the front runner can't be attacked?  Why are you now silent as Trump goes after Cruz? What's up with that?" 

This is when the double standard is going to be laid bare. Trump can't be attacked. Ever. Front runner or not.  He is a deeply flawed candidate and they know it.  That's why they shriek so loudly whenever anyone starts talking back to Trump.  It can't be allowed. Whoever starts to talk back to Trump must be instantly shouted down. 

Trump can attack whoever he wants at will and anybody who fires back at him is 'destroying the GOP' or something. What bullshit.  And it's time to call it what it is: bullshit.  

So from now on, as long as these Entertainment Wing Pundits are going to engage in this Personality Cult nonsense & invoke this Nikki Haley Rule they just pulled out of their asses, here's your response. 

When they tell you that you MUST NOT criticize or talk back to Donald Trump because he's the awesome untouchable front runner or something, you say: 


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