Friday, December 12, 2014

Remember When The Social Justice Warriors Used To Get Away With It? 

It Wasn't THAT Long Ago That False Narratives Killed People & Set Killers Free

What's that I hear on the internet today? DNC Media hacks whining about why this UVA Rape Scandal is still a thing? Why hasn't it died yet and could everyone please just move on already? 

You Social Justice Warriors out there really hoped to browbeat the rest of America with your rape culture rhetoric for a couple more months? You're really sad the narrative was exposed so soon? 

Well tough.  Get used to it. 

Because there are those of us who remember how the Social Justice Warriors & their media enablers tore this country apart every chance they got in the past.  

Not only did your false narratives back then get people killed, they also ensured killers walked free.  

It's time to recount a little history.  

False Narrative History Lesson #1: The Truth About The LA Riots

The brutal truth about the LA riots is that they never would have happened if the truth had been given 1/10th the coverage the fake racial narrative was.  Here's a concrete case where the pushing of a false narrative worked like a charm when there was no New Media to push back against it or expose it. The false narrative led to more than 50 people being killed in the riots.  

If you think the story of Rodney King was that of a passing motorist being dragged from his car by 5 racist police officers who immediately set about trying to beat him to death with batons because he was black, then congratulations.  You bought the false narrative.  You don't know what really happened that night.  

As usual, the race hucksters got there first to ensure the most racially inflammatory version of events was communicated to the public through the media. And the media back then never tried to actually fact check the story they were putting out.  In fact, some of the media actual stoked the racial fires by deliberately suppressing evidence in the case.  

Here are the facts of the Rodney King arrest:

1. Rodney King committed a traffic infraction. CA. Highway patrol attempted a traffic stop. He ran from them. 
2. King ran stop signs & red lights in a miles-long chase that ended in a spot where police had recently been ambushed by a gang. King only stopped because his 2 passengers, also black males, finally managed to talk him into pulling over.  
3. LAPD had joined in the case & now took command. The 2 black passengers followed instructions and exited the car with their hands up. Both were patted down, handcuffed without incident. 
4. King finally exited the car, & proceeded to babble to himself and shake his butt at the female CHP holding a gun on him.  
5. Noting that King was acting strangely & was obviously not going to comply with the lawful orders he was being given, Sgt. Stacey Koon had his men put their guns away. 
6. Having tried the first step in the LAPD procedure for use of force - verbal commands with a drawn handgun - and failed, Koon now moved on to 2nd step - the swarm.  
7.  Four large male police officers 'swarmed' King, tackling him according to procedure & attempting to wrestle him onto his stomach so they could handcuff him. They failed in this attempt when King threw off all four officers and got back onto his feet. 
8.  Sgt. Koon now moved on to the 3rd step in official LAPD use of force policy - the taser.  He proceeded to tase King twice.  To everyone's shocked surprise, King did not go down. 
9.  Not only did King not go down, he began to get combative, moving towards the officers and trying to grapple with them. 
10. Under Sgt. Koon's direction, four officers resorted to the 4th step on the LAPD use of force policy - the batons.  Using full power swings, they repeatedly struck King on the arms, upper back, and legs while ordering him to lie down and put his hands behind his back. 
11. Incredibly, Rodney King managed to get off the ground several times while the batons were being used on him and tried to grab the officers.  
12.  Finally, after almost 2 minutes of being hit repeatedly with full power baton strikes, Rodney King at last gives up. 
13. Immediately all officers put their batons away and handcuff him & place him in one of the patrol cars.  

Now we've all seen the videotape of the Rodney King arrest.  That is, we've all seen the EDITED videotape of the Rodney King arrest.  When the media got their hands on the tape, somebody decided to CUT OUT the first 18 seconds of the tape.  Why this happened will become crystal clear when you see what those first few seconds showed.  

Take a look: 

The guy making the video captured the LAST TIME King came up off the ground and charged at one of the officers and tried to grapple with them.  For some reason, it was decided these first few seconds of the video needed to be cut out.  They weren't helpful to the narrative, you see.  

Note every time King lies still and stops moving the cops stop hitting him.  Note the lull in strikes around 1:02 to 1:20 of the video.  He's on his stomach, hands out at his sides, and he stops moving.  The cops stop swinging, seeing if he's going to move those hands behind his back.  Only when he begins moving again as he attempts to rise up onto all fours do they resume hitting him.  It needs to be pointed out: this could have ended at ANY TIME by his choosing to comply with their orders. The only reason it took a 20 mile car chase, orders at gunpoint, a failed swarm, 2 tasing attempts, and then almost 2 full minutes of baton-swinging is because that's how Rodney King wanted it to go.  

Not until 1:40 of the video does King appear to give up while in a sitting position, placing his hands behind his head.  He's still not doing what they told him, but note they stop using the batons on him at that point.  Because he's finally given up, they easily move him onto his stomach & apply the handcuffs.  

If they wanted to kill King, why not simply shoot him? Why did they put the batons away once he signaled he was giving up if this was in fact a brutal racially motivated beating? 

The jury at the 1st trial didn't make it's decision based on the narrative being spun by Al Sharpton & his ilk in the media. They rendered a verdict based on the EVIDENCE presented at the trial.  The system worked exactly like it was supposed to.  


Social Justice demanded a guilty verdict, & because they didn't get it, a big angry mob burned down 1/2 of LA and killed 58 people.  As a direct result of the riots, the officers were tried again at the federal level and 2 of them - Sgt. Stacey Koon & Lawrence Powell - were convicted of violating Rodney King's civil rights.

Officer Stacey Koon on the far left, & Officer Lawrence Powell on the far right, were both sentenced to prison because 'social justice' demanded it.  Or else. 

In the end, justice was perverted & the mob did get 2 of the scalps they were after.  

False Narrative History Lesson #2: The Truth About The OJ Simpson Trial

There was a time when many people thought the advancement of 'social justice'  in America required that a brutal double murderer walk free. And they got what they wanted. 

How? Quite simple, really. Race was injected into the case until OJ Simpson walking free would 'prove' something to White America.  You still meet people today more upset about the fact Mark Furhman talked tough for a screenplay & said the 'N' word than about the fact OJ Simpson practically cut Nicole's head off.  

Orenthal James Simpson butchered these two people like they were hogs. And he never did a single day in jail for it.  Because 'social justice' or something. 

The false narrative at the OJ Simpson trial was that a group of racists cops got together & decided to frame OJ Simpson for the murders of Nicole Simpson & Ronald Goldman.  As Vincent Bugliosi stated in his book about the case, 'Outrage', it was 'in the air' that OJ was going to get away with the murders.    

Who cared what the evidence actually showed? Mark Furhman had lied about saying the dreaded N word! And this obviously proved that he & a bunch of guys he'd never worked with before that night got together on the spur of the moment & decided to frame an innocent black celebrity for a brutal double homicide.  Because racism.  

Johnnie Cochran, F. Lee Bailey & the rest of the 'Dream Team' had decided to make the case about race.  They deliberately stoked fear & resentment of past police brutality cases & asked the jury to find Simpson not guilty in order to make up for all the times the police got away with doing bad things in the past.  

Juries like the one in the Simpson trial were asked to engage in 'nullification', which meant don't even consider the evidence, just send a message to The Man by acquitting an obviously guilty person.  Social Justice will advance when you 'nullify' the evidence & decide a case based on the races of the defendants and the victims.  

And that's how we ended up with the spectacle of blacks all across America cheering loudly as OJ Simpson walked out of court a free man while whites watched in disbelief.  

America Has Had Enough Of This 'Social Justice' Bullshit

After what happened in the LA Riots and the OJ Simpson trial, Americans had gotten an eyeful of what 'social justice' resulted in.  Dead people, burned & looted stores, racial discord, & killers going free.  

That's why the last couple of times the Social Justice Warriors have tried to launch a new false narrative, it hasn't gone so swell.  They had a great start in the Duke Rape Case,  and then the facts came out,  the charges were dropped, and the prosecutor got himself disbarred.  The designated victims all were proven innocent and got away.  The mob was disappointed.  Social Justice didn't advance, darn it! 

The case in Sanford FL, the false narrative there resulted in more than two years of the DNC Media trying to save a dying racial narrative by calling Zimmerman a 'white Hispanic'.  It didn't matter. The facts came out at the trial.  The system worked.  Again, the mob didn't get the scalp it demanded.  Social justice - denied! 

Then came Ferguson, Missouri and the Michael Brown case.  Once again the most racially inflammatory version of the story was rushed out the door to the mob.  And again, it didn't matter in the end. The facts came out. The false narrative fell apart.  Not shot in the back and no hands up.  No matter how many stores they looted or businesses they burned down, the mob didn't get the scalp it screamed for.  The system worked and social justice was denied again.  And don't think the rest of America didn't see who ginned up the mob & unleashed it on that poor town.  

The UVA Case Is Latest Attempt To Bring About 'Social Justice' By Lying

Which brings us to the UVA Rape Scandal currently ongoing.  Once again the Social Justice Warriors were fighting hard to advance 'progress' in America by, uh, well, pushing a false story. And they got caught at it.  

If you can't advocate for your agenda by sticking to the truth, maybe your agenda just sucks? If there really is a rape epidemic or crisis due to a 'rape culture' in America, why can't evidence of this be supplied from real cases? 

On the other hand, if the agenda is based on fantasy, then this would explain why the cases proffered to 'prove' the crisis keep ending up being hoaxes.  If there's no rape crisis, and you really do believe 'social justice' can only advance if you 'prove' there is one, the temptation to invent will be there.  

Sabrina Rubin Erdely, author of the Rolling Stone piece on the UVA gang rape, appears to have done exactly this, had a strong desire to 'prove' there is a burgeoning rape culture on America's campuses.  And so off she went, looking for someone that would tell her a story that would 'fit' what she was looking for.  

And once she found that special person that would tell her the kind of story she was looking for, of course the story was far too good and useful to fact check for accuracy and verification.  And so here we are, in the midst of another example of a media that would much rather push narratives to promote pet causes than find the truth.  

These false narratives have to be destroyed.  And the quicker they are destroyed the better.  Because if these lies take root & grow, the fruit they bear is always rotten and for some, they can prove fatal. 

This is where the New Media comes in.  We can hold the Social Justice Warriors in check.  We can expose their new narratives while they are still on the launching pads, before they can cause too much damage.  We can force them to do what they desperately want to avoid having to do: 

Argue honestly for their lunatic social justice agenda.  

Because is it not obvious that if they could get where they wanted to go by telling the truth, they would?


  1. Fantastic post, good sir. You hit the nail on the head.

  2. Nice job. :-)

    --Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

  3. False narrative- Matthew Sheppard.

    1. Good example. Should have probably included that one. Aside from misinformation about the reason Sheppard's killers murdered him, how many gays have actually been killed by violent homophobes in the last 20 years? You would likely have heard about every single one of them.

  4. "Note every time King lies still and stops moving the cops stop hitting him." No, that's not what I see. A few times, even though he is still, the police club or stomp him again. I agree with everything else you wrote except that. A few times they hit him when they didn't have to. (If I was one of those cops, I probably would have done the same thing. And of course, the beating did not justify the rioting.) But the video is clear: a few times they hit him while he was still.

  5. Where do the police and the media hide the bodies of the thousands of unarmed blacks shot by police every year - month - day?

    1. In whatever mental asylum you think that that occurs in. fact check before you post here thanks

    2. Pretty sure anonymous 1 guy was being sarcastic....
      Your sarcasm detector may need some work.

  6. Ha. You think their narrative falls apart because they are incompetent? The narrative falls apart because it is supposed to fall apart. Even before the Internet or Fox News. Look at your own examples, Rodney King and OJ. Every sane person knew both cases were totally bogus and it DID. NOT. MATTER.

    Still doesn't. If offered to bet you that if we were to go randomly stop and interview random black people that 75%+ would still say it was a good thing that O.J. walked, Mike Brown had his hands up, St. Skittles was murdered by Zimmerman because of racism, etc. that they still believe the Narrative, you wouldn't bet me because we all know the answer.

    This is intentional. If they picked real cases of racism, rape, etc. there is no controversy, no 'teachable moment' no heated cable news debates because everybody agrees that racism and rape are bad. Go reread Alinsky and understand this is Community Organizing 101 stuff. You find the fracture points, the barely scabbed over wounds and rip off the scab, grind sand in the wounds and create pain. They draw political strength from it. The bulk of blacks/feminists end each of these cases all outraged that 'justice' was thwarted while everyone else is outraged at the attempt to push a lie and destroy innocents, burn down towns, etc. The key point is EVERYONE is outraged and feeling helpless to stop the next outrage and the organizers draw strength from all of it. Not stupid, evil.

    So long as we settle for just exposing their lies we are just playing our part in the drama they have set before us. Until we make them pay a higher net price than they gain in power they are going to continue throwing one of these scams into the news every few months.

    1. What he said. The point is precisely that innocence is not a defense, and they will destroy whoever displeases them. 2 + 2 = 5. The plan to destroy America by splintering it into a horde of competing identities was created in Moscow during the Cold War. The Soviet Union is defunct, but the weapon it directed at America is still at work.In fact, it has now elected and re-elected a President. It may well be too late to save America.

  7. I have to disagree with the racial narrative. The LAPD does not have a reputation for corruption for nothing. And the DOJ was able to successfully prosecute some of those officers. While there will be no such prosecution for Darren Wilson even though we have a thoroughly corrupt DOJ that would love to get him.

    I agree that Ferguson is just racial narrative maintenance but Rodney King and OJ Simpson were emblematic of minorities giving the finger to what they felt was institutional racism. Los Angeles, CA is not Ferguson, MO.

    Off the top of my head the Christopher Dorner episode. Torrance cops opened fire on two innocent women, they did not identify themselves as cops or even attempt to contact them in the truck. Paid administrative leave and *gasp* counseling! Attempted murder and poof back on the streets without ever being named. Then there is Rampart division...

    1. You're right about the LAPD. In the late 70's I was pulled over late at night for running a stop sign. Really young cop and an older cop. Clearly a training officer and trainee. As I'm walking to the curb with my hands up (as told) the old cop comes up behind me and I hear. "Watch this". The next thing I remember was coming to with my face in the grass and the old cop laughing. Yep. The good old choke-hold. They let me go without writing a ticket. (I was guilty as charged.) I think it was close to shift change and they didn't want to hassle with me. I was thinking of going in and filing a report, but I figured it would go nowhere. For the record, I'm a white guy albeit a long-haired one at the time. I don't hate cops, but I'm no knee-jerk supporter. Not anymore.

    2. All right, fair enough. Defend that idea though. Look at the 13 facts I outlined about King's arrest & explain how it would have gone down differently if he'd been a very large white guy resisting arrest.

  8. Sharpton has blood on his hands. People died. And this was only after he emerged on the national scene amid the FALSE allegations of Tawana Brawley. The examples in this article are good. The list can go on and on.

  9. Thanks a lot for this history lesson. The left is truly evil and shameless.

  10. Don't you remember George H.W.'s role in ramping up the riots? When the first (innocent) verdict was announced and the riots commenced, President George H.W. Bush announced that he/the government would look for something else to charge the police with. H.W.'s response was similar to the response to the grand jury's verdict in the New York/Garner case.

    1. Yes, that's true. The President made a huge mistake in this case. I lost a lot of respect for him over this.

  11. I was looking for crucial information on this subject. The information was important as I am about to launch my own portal. Thanks for providing a missing link in my business.