Tuesday, July 8, 2014

If ICE/DHS Knew 65,000+ Illegal Minors Would Get Apprehended At Our Border This Year, How Exactly Did this Border Crisis 'Sneak Up' On Them?

This ad that appeared back in January of this year on the Fed Biz.gov website is damning.  Take a look at it.  

The document you can download as 'Juvenile Transport RFI (TONY Edits 1:29. 14 doc) has an opening section that reads thusly: 
(Click on the screenshot to see it at full size)

Read the first 6 sentences carefully.  What facts can be glean from this employment ad? 

1. ICE/DHS knew back in January 2014 that 65,000 illegal minors would be apprehended on the US's southwestern border this year.  

This is very curious since a 65,000 figure is more than DOUBLE the number of illegal minors apprehended the year before, according to the U.S. Customs & Border Protection's official website: 

In all of FY 2013, 26,206 UAC were caught at the border.  By just June of this year, that number had doubled to 52,193, a 99% increase.  

Here are the totals of unaccompanied minors apprehended on the border from 2008-2012 according to the U.S. Border Patrol's official PDF: 

Note that is is cleverly set up to disguise what particular border these minors were caught at. Instead of dividing the total by sectors, it's set up to just list every single country & how many minors were caught from each. Still, it's not hard to take a little time and add up the number of minors caught from countries to the South of the United States.  

2008: 7,988
2009: 19,599
2010: 18,467
2011: 15,853
2012: 24,394
2013: 26,206
2014: 52,193 [so far]

[UPDATE!] Someone at Investor's Business Daily was on the ball, made this very telling graphic based on the figures from above: 

2.  Instead of being deported, these 65,000 UAC were going to be classified as refugees and relocated by escorts to shelters throughout the continental United States. 

This is what is now happening places like Murrieta, CA.  ICE is attempting to send the illegals to towns that will be forced to help support them.  The gov't knew a huge, never before seen influx of minors was going to need to be resettled and were looking to hire escorts to ferry the kids to the shelters. 

3.  The ICE plan, formulated before January 2014, called for escorts traveling with the alien minors to these shelters by 25% local ground transport, 25% ICE charter and 50% commercial air.  

These facts, undisputed by the Government, which has vouched for the authenticity of the ad, leads to the real question that every member of Congress and every American citizen needs to consider: 

IF they knew this flood of kids was coming, HOW did they end up so unprepared for it?  

 65,000+ alien minors getting apprehended at our borders in a single fiscal year would absolutely swamp our present immigration/border system.  Authorities HAD to know a huge influx of this size would overwhelm present resources.  And yet beyond hiring escorts and setting up a few hastily prepared camps on some military bases, they appear to have done NOTHING to get ready for it. 

Do you remember ANYBODY in Washington discussing this coming tidal wave of kids back in January? How about February? No?  OK then....March? April? May? Hello? ANYONE?!  Why *didn't* they talk about it? Why did no one in the government sound the alarm? 

Obama is only NOW getting around to authorizing $2 billion in emergency spending to build shelters for the kids that ICE/DHS knew were coming over seven months ago.  

As yet, nobody in this government has had to answer how they knew the numbers would increase so dramatically more than 100% over the preceding year.  Or how, having known it, they didn't prepare for it. 

Don't buy the bullshit being spread by the media that Obama & the DHS are being 'forced' to relocate these kids ot shelters all over the country.  That ad from back in January demonstrates THEY PLANNED TO DO THIS ALL ALONG. 


  1. Only the response of the American public was unanticipated.

    This is an engineered crisis.

  2. You write that the "real question" is "If they knew this flood of kids was coming, how did they end up so unprepared for it?" That's certainly relevant, but may I suggest a second question: *How did they know* the number of UACs would double this year?

    The RFI suggests that the feds knew this would happen after the Emperor issued his executive order *not* to deport--i.e. an unconstitutional order to violate a valid U.S. law. So surely the agency that had reached this conclusion warned Obama, right?

    Surely there had to have been at least *some* consultation between the Emperor and the thousands of govt "experts" in this field, right? But he did it anyway. Hmm...

    1. Good point. Some people find the Cloward/Piven explanation I proffered in a recent post as being 'too extreme'. So in this post, I worked on building a case to demonstrate how deliberately letting the crisis happen is a much better explanation than holding to the view they knew it was coming but 'forgot' to do something about it.