Thursday, July 3, 2014

Progressives Have Been Caught Covering Up Their Real Goals Yet AGAIN In The Hobby Lobby Case

Amazing how many people think the Hobby Lobby decision was about forcing the company to provide birth control to it's employees.  

Hobby Lobby was ALREADY providing birth control coverage to it's employees.  16 different types of it, in fact.  What can we draw from the fact that many of the people blathering about this case don't know that?  

The real issue in the Hobby Lobby case was whether the government could force private businesses/corporations into providing abortifacients.

First of all, let's be clear:  abortion/taking an abortifacient is not birth control. I don't care how many shrieking leftists say different.   Birth control prevents the egg and the sperm from coming together. An abortion/abortifacient destroys an already fertilized egg.

Now, if you think it's a popular position in America to FORCE other people to pay for ABORTIONS, you haven't seen  the  polls  then.

Forcing somebody to pay for something is forcing them to participate in it. It can't be argued any other way.  Like it or not, many people have objections to abortion & don't want to be compelled into funding it.

What Hobby Lobby vs. Sebelius  decided was that American citizens who form a closely-held corporation do not lose their rights by doing business together.  The Obama DOJ attempted to argue that people who join together to form a corporation and do business as a group lose basic American rights when they do so.

The Court found just because you and several other people joined together to form a corporation to do business DOESN'T mean you & they lose your basic rights.  If for religious reasons you want to opt out of a program that would FORCE you to fund the purchase of abortifacients, the Supreme Court found that  you have a RIGHT based on the 1st Amendment to do so.

This finding by the Court that the 1st Amendment clause on religious conscience applies to folks in business together has incensed Liberals.

Due to misinformation spread by the DNC-Media-Complex, many still think all this was about DENYING birth control. Far from it.  But the media perception of the case has been deliberately manipulated to provide a false understanding of it. 
Progressives are incapable of honestly arguing for their goals. Misinformation/distortion is necessary to cover up their plans.

"We would like to force employers to pay for abortions/abortifacients" had to be sensationalized by media propaganda into 'provide birth control'.

To low info people who get their news from ABC, NBC, CBS, Daily Kos, TPM, or MSNBC, that's what this case has always been about: birth control.  It's supposedly about evil religious bigots refusing to fork over a few bucks so poor desperate women could have access to birth control because....#WARONWOMEN!

Most people have noticed how stupid on it's face this argument is. The issue is not access but who pays for it.

And so we've had months of misdirection, with media liberals shrieking about how refusing to pay for birth control = denying access to it or even more hilariously, an attempt to 'ban' it. 

But even in that misdirection, they were successful in selling their idea that this entire case was about birth control.  It had to be about birth control because the people in DC driving this case are WELL AWARE of poll results on what the public thinks about forcing people to pay for abortions.

If they had openly and honestly advocated for forcing people to pay for abortion/abortifacients, this case goes nowhere with the public.

"Force my religious employer to pay for my birth control!" is a much, MUCH easier sell than "Force him to pay for my abortifacients!"

There is a wealth of research & polls going all the way back to the 1970's showing how Americans feel about gov't funded abortion.  Americans don't want tax dollars used for abortions. Neither would they want employers being forced to fund it.
How underhanded has Obama & his HHS been? Recall that when the Affordable Care Act passed, the HHS mandate wasn't a part of it.  No, REGULATORS tacked that HHS mandate on there AFTER it had passed. Bart Stupak & others never would have voted for the ACA if a mandate forcing employers to provide coverage for abortifacients was included. 

Remember how Stupak told the media how betrayed he felt once the HHS rolled out the mandate? He realized Obama & the party leaders had played him.   He said he and other pro-life Dems would not have voted for the ACA if abortifacient funding was part of it. So they had to be tricked.

And in the end, when you get right down to it, that's the only strategy in the Progressive playbook. They have to TRICK people to advance.  ObamaCare, Global Warming, this present border crisis, no matter the issue, Progressives can't come right  out & say what they want.

"Millions of you will lose your health plans & Dr.'s, but it's OK because your new, higher cost plans will subsidize insurance for others!"

Is THAT how Obama & Co. sold the ACA for 3 years?  Be honest, now.
You think Obama & Co. didn't know how the ACA would actually work, how that 15% without insurance was going to get it paid for?  Of course they did. Millions of people had to be forced to newer higher cost plans to pay for the new insurance of others.  "If  you like your plan you can keep your plan!" was all about keeping most people from realizing what was about to happen.

Remember the other huge whopper that they told their stupid base to get it to go along with it's own forth-coming fleecing?  "Oh hey, this won't cost you anything anyway, this new huge entitlement we're creating here. Rich people will foot the bill, not you!"

Amazing how the rubes keep falling for that one, isn't it? 

The first thing you have to do when studying an issue where Obama & his progressive friends are moving is learn: what are they REALLY after?

Global warming is about fooling people into thinking there's a real threat waaay off there in the future so hand them huge amounts of wealth & power now to reorder society as they see fit.   Hobby Lobby was about gutting the 1st Amendment religious conscience clause & forcing employers to pay for abortions/abortifacients.  The ongoing border crisis is about getting to amnesty no matter how they get there.  ObamaCare was about preparing the way for single payer destabilizing the insurance market. 

No matter what the issue is, Obama & Co. can't honestly argue for their goals since they are well aware they'd be rejected.

But - get this! - the people who try to stop them from reaching their dishonest, extreme goals are the 'extremists'.

Did you tell the truth about ObamaCare before it passed & was implemented? 
Well you just hated sick people and wanted them to die.  Plus you were just mad there's a black fellow living in the White House. 

Are you telling the truth about their Global warming scam right now? 
That just shows you hate the planet & want it to burn up.

Do you accurately reject the White House's arguments on Hobby Lobby? 
Well then you hate women or something.

Have you repeatedly questioned Obama's insane open borders/selective immigration law enforcement? 
You're a racist that hates poor people who don't look like you. anybody noticing a....TREND.... there?

Let me set your mind at ease, if you've been troubled the past 6 years.

Did you want to keep the health insurance plan & Dr. you were happy with? 
Then no, you don't hate sick people & want them to die.

Would you like unemployment to drop & wages to rise w.out the gov't dictating it artificially?
Then no, you're not a racist on immigration.

Do you object to employers being forced to fund abortions if it's against their religion? 
Then nope, you're not engaging in #WARONWOMEN

Would you like a sane energy policy that isn't dependant on outdated computer models & bogus science? 
Then no, you don't hate the planet and want to see all the cute, fluffy polar bears diiiiie.  

To reach your extremist goal, you have to create propaganda to convince enough people what you really want is something else.  And the progressive agenda for America IS extreme. This is why they are 'forced' to lie to get anywhere on their goals.  And the Democrat-Media-Complex plays a huge role in selling the Progressive propaganda to the public.

Now this latest ObamaCare-related issue, the Hobby Lobby case, the media relentlessly sold it as being about 'birth control'.   And that's EXACTLY what the vast majority of people think the case was about, then. Because that's what they heard on the news.

Newsflash: Hobby Lobby provided 16 different types of birth control coverage to it's employees. What they WOULDN'T provide? Abortifacients.  But thanks to the Democrat-Media Complex, most people out there don't know that. It's #WARONWOMEN 24/7, etc.

I mean, you tell somebody the fact "Hobby Lobby was already providing coverage for 16 different kinds of birth control!" and you can see them blinking.  DOES....NOT...COMPUTE.....

When the business already paid for 16 different types of birth control, the issue was NOT....paying for birth control.  #AREWECLEAR?

"Hmmm. 16 different kinds of birth control available, you say? Well then I guess the issue WASN'T birth control then. Whatever could it have been?!  Hold on while I Google!"

Oh and hey, make no mistake. After Obama & HHS rammed this mandate through & forced employers to pay for abortifacients, actual abortion was coming next. As sure as night follows day.

Now you know why the Progressive Left is in a mouth-foaming fury at the Court's stopping this thing right in it's tracks.


  1. This Supreme Court ruling may have damaged the left more than we realized.

    Unless Progressives now want to argue that corporations have more freedoms than people, the taxpayers cant be made to pay for abortions either.

  2. Wonderful, concise assessment of the FACTS behind the Hobby Lobby issue. You are right - the left is spinning this as a great war on women, and their followers are eating it up and repeating it without question.

  3. Well written and thought out. however, I would add this: The progressive sees no distinction between contraceptive and abortifacients. In this, they believe they are being truthful when they claim Hobby Lobby wanted to deny contraceptives, because since the time of Margaret Sanger, abortion (to them), even in the third trimester, IS birth control.

    1. This is true, HOWEVER they are self-aware enough to know they will NEVER get the majority of the country to accept their viewpoint on this, hence the need for deceptive propaganda to further their goals. In fact, when talking amongst themselves a common trait that emerges is the incredible contempt in which they hold most Americans. They actually convince themselves that most Americans are too stupid to know what's best for them, so of course you can't be honest with them, and so you have to fool them for their own good.

  4. A guy on Facebook told me that the medical definition of pregnancy is "actually being pregnant."

    Then he told me to "buy a text book."

    As opposed to an "image book," I suppose.

  5. A friend linked this article on Facebook. .. The problem with this argument is that the Pill is an abortificiant. Conservatives don't like to hear that, but all you need to do is read the package insert. It works in 2 ways: preventing ovulation and preventing implantation. So maybe this case is really about ignorance.