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You Can't Win A Fight Against Islamic Terrorist Fanatics With Politically Correct Methods

Two years ago the Taliban attacked a 15 year old girl because she was - get this - going to school. The Taliban shot Malala Yousufzai in the head. She survived & won a Nobel Prize. 

Young girls in Pakistan pray for Malala Yousafzai after she was shot in the head by the Taliban

Today the Taliban carried out an attack on a school in Pakistan that is Malala x 100. Over 80 children did not survive this brutal terrorism. 

This comes one day after another Islamic lunatic took hostages in Australia, killing two of them before police killed him.   

Katrina Dawson died trying to shield her pregnant friend from the terrorist gunman. 
Tori Johnson attempted to disarm the terrorist. 

The Islamic terrorist fanatics out there sure picked a good time to remind everybody why you want to prevent terrorist attacks.

I realize, of course, that this presents a problem to the Left here in America, given that their agenda calls for a couple more weeks of browbeating the country over water boarding the guys who pulled off 9/11.  

Aw gee. Did Islamic terrorists killing two heroes yesterday and putting over 80 kids into body bags today interrupt the moral preening of the Left over water boarding? Yes, as over 80 kids go into body bags, by all means keep lecturing the rest of us about how the CIA's EIT program = absolute evil.

This is why we're winning. We don't have to TRY to prove the Left is insane. They keep demonstrating it. The Left runs around the country berating the rest of us about 'rape culture' & rampant, systemic racism/misogyny that's only in their heads.

And they have just kicked off what was supposed to be a months-long browbeating of the rest of us over water boarding the 9/11 masterminds.

[Just like they had supposedly kicked off a months long period of haranguing the rest of us about 'rape culture' due to Rolling Stone's UVA gang rape hoax. Oops! ]

And then the goddamned Islamic fanatics had to go and RUIN EVERYTHING by acting up at the most inopportune time.

It'd be fine if the fight with the Insane Left on political correctness was just over domestic policy like the 'rape culture' hoax. But it's not. They want to handcuff America with political correctness in how it deals with issues abroad as well. Including threats abroad. Like terrorists. Like the Taliban. 

Want some examples? 

"This is what we call smart power," Clinton said to a small audience at Georgetown. "Using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security. Leaving no one on the sidelines. Showing respect even for one's enemies. Trying to understand, in so far as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view. Helping to define the problems, determine the solutions. That is what we believe in the 21st century will change -- change the prospects for peace."
How in God's name do you 'empathize' with someone who can go into a school and gun down a room full of children?

The Taliban shot Malala in the head because they don't want girls going to school. How FAR could you 'empathize' with a point of view that holds women to be chattel, slaves, second class citizens not worthy of an education or rights? What actions could you take to make them like you better? What accommodations would you be willing to make? You begin to see how absurd this is? 

Hillary can't help it, of course. As I demonstrated last year with a little help from Thomas Sowell, Hillary MUST constantly demonstrate how special and above ordinary her views are. 

2.  Ft. Hood = 'workplace violence'
A line from Army Major Nidal Hasan's slideshow presentation before a group of fellow military psychiatrists: "We love death more then [sic] you love life." 

Leaving aside the fact political correctness resulted in a barely literate religious fanatic getting into the US Army & rising to the level of Major, and despite the fact he's constantly saying insane shit to his fellow workers about his Islamic beliefs, let's just deal with the aftermath of Nidal Hasan  shooting over 40 people, 13 of them fatally.  

A Muslim fanatic shot over 40 people while screaming 'ALLAH AKBAR!' but hey...workplace violence! 

Hasan made no secret of the fact it was his Islamic beliefs that motivated him to engage in the Ft. Hood massacre.  That clearly made this incident a terrorist attack.  And yet the Obama administration insisted from the beginning this was NOT a terrorist attack, labeling it a case of 'workplace violence'.  

To admit this was a terrorist attack would mean vastly more scrutiny of the terrorist himself, and those who kept enabling him until he struck.  Rather than do that, it was decided to quietly deal with this incident as just another workplace shooting.  

"Another couple of minutes, I'd have totally set that Hirsi Ali lady straight about Islam."

What could Hirsi Ali possibly know about Islam? She only:

1. Grew up in an Islamic family living in an Islamic country
2. Was genitally mutilated as a young girl according to Islamic practice
3. Ran away to avoid an arranged marriage under Islamic law

But thank God she's got Joe Biden to set her straight about what's what, eh? 

"I *never* turned down bin Laden!"

In fact, Clinton had numerous attempts to get Bin Laden and turned them down.  Too problematic, too much collateral damage, legally bothersome, there was always some reason to not act.  

As I blogged several years ago, Clinton's refusal to take quick action against Bin Laden actually led to the development of the Predator drone strike program by the CIA: 

Clinton low keyed every single terrorist attack on his watch, from the 1st WTC attack onward. All through the Khobar Towers, African embassy bombings, the USS Cole, he was determined to do the politically correct thing & downplay it as just a criminal act handled by the FBI.  

5. Obama/Holder insisting on civilian trials for the 9/11 masterminds.

"Why the blue f**k haven't you guys killed me yet?"

Explain to me why KSM is still alive after over 12 years in US custody. Why is that? He plotted, carried out an attack that = 3000 dead.  Are they pumping him for more info on terrorists still at large? No? Then why the hell isn't he dead yet?

The only reason KSM is still alive is that Obama & Holder ended the military tribunals.  They were determined to try him in a civilian court.

At the time, KSM & the other 2 terrorists were willing to plead guilty & proceed straight to execution. But Obama wanted a show.

Thus is seen the full blown political correctness of pretending terrorists from other countries who are unlawful combatants must get full US citizenship rights.  Or the terrorists have won or something.  

THAT'S the only reason KSM & these other dirtbags are still alive. We know they're guilty, they've admitted their role in 9/11.

You know how unlawful combatants are treated according to the Geneva Conventions? If you get caught on a battlefield out of uniform, you can be summarily executed on the spot.  

Like the Viet Cong in the picture below, captured out of uniform right after he'd just gotten done slaughtering a bunch of civilian families.  Probably the most famous unlawful combatant execution ever.  

Once you've proven a son of a bitch is a terrorist, you kill the bastard. Instead we're on this 'Islamophobia' kick here in the West.

Bring Back The Pirate Code: Find A Pirate, Hang A Pirate

Until we go back to dealing with Islamic terrorist fanatics using the old pirate codes, this the kind of shit we'll be dealing with.

You caught a pirate, you hanged the son of a bitch.

The fact the Somali pirates were able to become a thing & a real threat to int'l shipping in the 21st century was a joke. The only reason the threat of hostages & ransoms has grown to the absolutely ridiculous level it is? We wouldn't sink their boats.

You think from the very start, years ago, it wasn't possible to shoot the bastards/sink their boats as they made their approach?  Of course sinking the Somali pirate boats before they reached Western shipping was possible. But nobody wanted to DO it.

And so we end up with a situation where the problem just got worse, more ships looted, more hostages grabbed, more ransoms paid.  Until finally the world's other navy's had enough a' this shit and started SHOOTING them and sinking their boats.

All that drama because Western nations forgot: YOU F**KING HANG PIRATES.

And now the same kind of politically correct thinking that messed up dealing with pirates is messing up dealing with terrorists. 

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