Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Examples Of How Lefty Outrage
Depends On WHO'S Doing It,
Not WHAT They're Doing

Alternate Headline: If You Ever Suspected It Wasn't About Principle At All, You Were Correct

I'm President Awesome. I'm above that petty Constitution thing.

EXAMPLE #1: It was revealed 4 days ago that the Obama Administration has in place a policy in which the President can put American citizens on his drone strike kill list and kill them without due process.

We only found out this was official policy because someone leaded the documents to NBC News. 

In fact, at least 2 American citizens that we know of have ALREADY been killed without due process because of this policy. One was a 17 year old boy with no real ties to terrorist activity besides having terrorists for relatives: 

This 17 year old American was summarily executed by a drone strike 
on our President's direct orders because he lacked a 'more responsible father'.

If this was George W. Bush's administration being found to have this drone strike  policy targeting Americans with no due process, do you really need ME to point out what a four-alarm, full scale, maximum volume FREAKOUT this would have caused on the Left and in the MSM? 

It's day 4 of this scandal and Obama hasn't even had to address it yet because the MSM isn't making it an issue. They are not DEMANDING he respond to it.  
Look, I already said these drone strikes that kill American citizens
without due process are legal, ethical and wise.  Why would you need
to hear that from my boss? I'm not good enough for you? 

Do you think the MSM would content itself with hearing a mild denial from Press Secretary Ari Fleischer on behalf of George Bush?  Hell no they wouldn't.  They would DEMAND Bush drag his sorry ass over to a microphone and answer himself.  But Obama won't have to do this because the MSM is not going to press him on it.  

They'll let Obama make his case through his spokespersons, ask a question or two, and then DROP IT as fast as they can.  

EXAMPLE #2:  The MSM & the Left browbeat Palin & Conservatives over the head about the Tucson Arizona mass shooting last year in which a crazy Jared Loughner shot Rep. Gabby Giffords and 6 other people, making wild, unsubstantiated claims that Palin and the Tea Party had 'inspired' Loughner's deadly attack.  

Jared Loughner: Obvious Tea Party Member, right?

They did everything they could think of for several months to keep this meme alive that somehow Loughner had been 'influenced' to do this mass shooting by a woman he didn't follow and a map he never saw and a movement he never joined or talked about.  

As I said in a blog post last April: 
Old Media didn't even wait a day to begin charging that gunman Jared Loughner must have been a right-wing Tea Party-type driven to finally act because of an 'atmosphere of hate' supposedly created by people like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. When the facts came out, it was revealed that Loughner wasn't Conservative, was politically Leftist, didn't listen to talk radio, and had had mental problems for years before the Tea Party even existed.
Here's Ed Schultz, Bill Press & Howard Kurtz, then Debbie Wasserman Schultz all laboriously...oh so very laboriously...attempting to connect the dots: 


Jacob Weisberg's tortured reasoning was pretty standard for the kind of stuff that appeared on Lefty blogs for weeks afterward: 

Newsbusters called the MSM out for engaging in this wish-fulfillment slander: 

Last August a man named Floyd Corkins II entered the headquarters of The Family Research Council intending on committing a mass murder.  Unfortunately FRC is one of those icky places that has an armed security guard, so ol' Floyd didn't get very far in his attempt at the whole mass murder thing.  He shot the guard, but only hit him in the arm. The armed guard then tackled him and disarmed him.  

In court yesterday Corkins dropped this bombshell:

That's right. This hate-filled Lefty went to  the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate group that tends to label every OTHER group it disagrees with as a 'hate group'.  You follow that sentence correctly?  OK.  

As it so happens, because FRC opposes gay marriage, SPLC calls it a 'hate group', right up there with Westboro Baptist Church of Fred 'God Hates Gays!' Phelps fame.  

So ol' Floyd had decided to shoot some anti-gay people but he needed help picking a target.  It was REALLY AWESOME of the SPLC to have this whole HATE MAP thing on their website, because he said in court it aided him in choosing where to launch his homicidal one man crusade.  

Note that this is EXACTLY what the MSM and the Left accused Palin & the Tea Party of doing in the Tucson Massacre without A SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE.  

If you were waiting for the major network news shows to report that fact to you, you were waiting in vain:

It was huge news. A map targeting those with opposing viewpoints led to a tragic attack. Partisan rhetoric was out of control and fringe-types were being driven to commit gun crimes. Except that, in the case of the Gabby Giffords shooting two years ago, none of those things were even remotely true. But that didn’t stop the media from breathlessly conjecturing that a target-festooned map on Sarah Palin’s website had pointed Jared Loughnerto Rep. Giffords, and that Palin’s “reload” rhetoric made him shoot.
But now we have a case in which a politically motivated shooter has confessed to choosing his targets according to a map. In fact, it was a “hate map” created by the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). But ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN aren’t talking.

They have a narrative. They are just waiting for an excuse to use it. And when a case even remotely close to what they 'need' for their narrative comes along, they shoehorn it to fit even if it means trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. 

But there's also the OPPOSITE: a case that comes along that DOESN'T fit their narrative. In fact, there are things that HURT the narrative they'd like to be telling you.  So they just drop those inconvenient facts out of their story.

And when you point out what they are doing, they keep telling you what an awful person YOU are.

How about stopping the partisan political games in your 'news coverage' and just admitting you're nothing but propaganda shills?  That you'll drop facts from your reporting if it's gonna hurt The Glorious Cause?  

UPDATE: MSNBC host Toure already made it clear he's flipped 180 degrees on this drone strike thing.  Wouldn't tolerate it under Bush, but hey, Obama's the Commander in Chief, baby! 

Now Krystal Ball [yes, that's her real name], the host of MSNBC's The Cycle, joins him in '180 Degree Flopville':

MSNBC’s co-host of The Cycle, Krystal Ball, took on the notion circulating in the media that liberal supporters of President Barack Obama are engaging in hypocrisy when they defend the executive’s authority to execute drone strikes on Americans overseas. Some claim that they would never support this power if the president were a Republican. Ball agreed with this point, conceding that she would not support President George W. Bush having this authority. However, she said that Obama is a “fundamentally responsible actor” while Bush regularly “displayed extraordinarily lapses in judgment.”
Ball said that she did harbor some reservations about the way in which the drone program has been administered by the Obama administration. Overall, however, she said that she is comfortable with Obama having the authority to execute American citizens overseas extra-judicially.
So this is how it's going to go. All the Lefty talking heads will admit they 'trust' Obama with this kinda extra-Constitutional power that circumvents due process, while at the same time admitting they'd TOTALLY FREAK OUT if this kind of power had been in Bush's hands.  The media will take a few lame defenses of this from Jay Carney and then everybody will move on next week to the new topic du jour.  

They keep demonstrating they believe in an elite class that can 'trusted' with these kinds of  contra-Constitutional powers just as long as these elites are the 'right' kind of people - Leftists. They're totally cool with it.  But their palms get sweaty and their knuckles turn white if they think about some goddamn Conservative or Republican holding that kind of unConstitutional powers.  

They don't want rule of law. They want rule of men. And that is PRECISELY what our system of government is set up to AVOID and PREVENT.   There can be no real excuse for deliberately undermining the very foundational principle of American government. 

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  1. Other than the fact that NBC news was the first to release the leaked memo, I agree with your Example #1. And as we saw just today at the Brennan hearings, there will be protests over the drone issue. It's early still, this could become a big problem for the administration - and it should be.