Tuesday, February 26, 2013

As Obama Wails & Screams 
That A 2.2% Cut To 
The Federal Budget Is
'Huge", 'Massive' & 'Painful' 
To His Beloved Federal 
Government, Which Must
Only & Ever Always Grow,
I've Got Just One Thing To Say 
To Him: 


Maybe Obama hasn't bothered to notice, but the REST of the country outside Washington has been tightening it's belt and making do with less for FIVE F**KING YEARS NOW.  

But when Federal bureaucrats up there in Washington are FINALLY coming face to face with a REDUCTION to the amount of money they get to spend, all of a sudden we're treated to hysterical wailing about how this threatens the very foundation of the Republic. 

These sequester 'cuts' aren't even real cuts to begin with.  Federal spending was slated to grow by over 5% this year, just like it has every year Obama has been in office.  Instead of growing the federal budget this year by 5%+, the sequester's automatic 'cuts' trims 2.2% from the spending INCREASE.  

That's right.  Federal spending is STILL going up over what it was last year by almost 3%.  Yet from the way Obama & the Democrats have scare-mongered on this issue, you'd think trimming this spending INCREASE puts the country on the verge of collapse or something.  

Let's get a couple of facts on the table before we go further.  

If trimming 2.2% from a spending INCREASE to a $3.8 trillion budget has Obama in a four alarm FREAK OUT, what's going to happen when real cuts have to be done?  

We've known all along we can't continue to carry trillion dollar deficits.  Yet we've just done it 4 years in a row and are getting read for year #5.  Barack Obama hasn't proposed any spending cuts of his own and is now back out there demanding more tax increases after he just got $600 billion in new tax increases just a few months ago.  And let's remember he got that $600 billion in new taxes without A SINGLE SPENDING CUT. 

Government will never shrink under this President.  He's shown time and again what his true colors are.  He's demonstrated his commitment to Bigger Government at every opportunity.  If the answer wasn't Bigger Government, more spending, more centralized control & planning, then he wasn't interested in the question.  

Reality keeps TRYING to assert itself on Washington, but thus far the bureaucrats up there have been pretty darn successful at shielding themselves from it with our money.  Despite the shrinking of the labor force, the decline in tax revenue, and every other signal that should have told Washington to slow down, since 2007 it's done nothing but ramp it's spending up like a V-2 rocket climbing for the stratosphere.  

From Day 1 Obama insisted we were going to SPEND our way out of this financial crisis. It's now the 5th year of his Presidency and he remains as committed to this insanity as ever.  He can't cut spending because he sees the problem as being too little revenue from taxation.  This is why he insists we don't have a spending problem, and that if the rich would just 'contribute' a little more, we can solve the problem.  

Well he did get re-elected. So we do get 4 more fun years of watching him try to tax and spend the country into prosperity.  I suspect, however, more people are catching on to the fact his policies don't work.  And the sight of him and his supporters continually fear mongering on spending cuts while shilling relentlessly for more tax increases is likely to backfire.  

More & more Americans, as they struggle to buy food, keep gas in the car, keep and find jobs and just basically survive, are going to notice Washington is hysterically carrying on about having to get by on less.  For over 5 years Washington insulated itself from the effects of the recession & 'recovery' as it ramped up it's spending to insane levels.  But now the reality is starting to hit.  

And we're supposed to be all 'boo-hoo-hoo!' for Federal workers and bureaucrats up there in Washington who kept spending like drunken sailors for the past 5 years?  

You know what plenty of Americans are going to say to that?  

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  1. Welcome to Austerity, America! Ask how that's working out in Europe! Kaboom! - WH