Friday, February 15, 2013

Having Just Caused A Wave Of 
Mass Layoffs In January With 
New Tax Increases &
Obamacare, President Obama
Proposes Hiking The Minimum
Wage $1.75 To $9/hr

Alternate Headline: If You've Ever Suspected Washington Shields Itself From the Results Of The Policies It Wants The Rest Of Us To Live Under, You Were, In Fact, Correct

Anyone with 2 cents worth of business sense knows what would happen if already struggling businesses in the present economy suddenly had to face a new increase in their business costs.  Like say, having to pay each and every minimum wage worker an extra $1.75 an hour.  

But since a lot of people out there apparently don't have 2 cents worth of business sense, I'll spell it out:  businesses will shed a lot of minimum wage workers.  Those that remain will end up working reduced hours.  

Now I never went to Harvard. I'm not super smart like many people seem to think Obama is.  If I can see what the real world consequence of this new policy would be if it was enacted, why can't he?  

That brings up an interesting point that was the subject of my latest Twitter rant: People in Washington spend A LOT of time - and a lot of OUR MONEY - shielding themselves from the results of their own polices.  

They truly do come to believe they are this super-special elite class that needs to be exempt from many of the laws they want to make the rest of us live under.  And because the job of being up there and dictating how us serfs should live our lives is such a huge burden, they deserve to be EXTREMELY WELL COMPENSATED for this, as we're going to see.  

Several times in that Twitter rant, I refer to a chart I posted as a photo. Here it is: 

Like all Twitter reading, you start at the bottom waaaay down there and read your way up. 


  1. They should actually slash the minimum wage by at least $1.75, thereby increasing profits for business while workers can't buy stuff and the economy therefore flourishes.

    People who work 40 hours a week shouldn't be living in poverty. How are people supposed to survive - and spend - if their pay doesn't keep pace with the cost of living? 74% of the public support this action. Once again the GOP are on the wrong side of public opinion.

  2. Hmmm... context much?


  3. Nothing either of you have said negates the point: a hike in business costs on struggling companies right now - whether due to tax increases or a mandated wage hike - will lead to minimum wage workers being shed and those that remain having to work reduced hours.

    1. Fair-minded article here - because believe it or not, there is debate:


    2. But nothing in the article there negates the point I was making.

      It's like the Left can't grasp that money doesn't grow on trees somewhere or that there's no secret government agency that gives businesses free money to make up for the new costs imposed on them by regulations, taxes and mandatory wage hikes.

      And just as I'm responding here I'm seeing on the news Obama is calling for $50 billion in new stimulus spending even as the country faces $85 billion in automatic spending cuts in less than a week.

      It's becoming more apparent than ever that the bubble that Washington shields itself with from the effects of it's own policies is leading to more insanity than ever.

      The Left doesn't understand the private sector because it spends too much of it's time either demonizing it or criticizing it for not coming up with enough $ to fund it's utopian schemes.

      No f**king surprise here at all they think a minimum wage hike in this present economy is just the ticket.

  4. You should do a post next on Breitbart's/Shapiro's astounding "Friends of Hamas"scoop. Mmmm - smells like "new media" all right.

    1. Turns out a New York Daily News reporter came up with "Friends of Hamas" in what he thought the White House aide he was talking to would instantly realize as a joke.

      Looks like some people were a little slow on the uptake.