Monday, December 3, 2012

Say, That Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman 
Prosecutor Is Just A 
Chug-Chug-Chugin' Along
Towards Disbarment, Isn't She? 

Yep.  Lessee here, she waited until the NINTH supplemental discovery to release THIS photograph:

Note I said supplemental discovery; not the MAIN discovery.  Which was supposed to have been done months ago.

For purposes of comparison, here's what George Zimmerman's nose looks like when it's not blown up to blimp-size proportions from having been broken:

Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller probably puts it best: 

Weird. Remember when there was some question whether Zimmerman was really injured that night? Whether his story matched up with the evidence? Remember how the people conducting Zimmerman’s trial by media assumed he made it all up?
Well, I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason we haven’t seen this photograph until now. I have no idea what it could possibly be, but I’m sure it’s really good.
Think about the huge amount of media coverage that surrounded this case for over 3 months.  No, wait! Let me rephrase that, ok?  Think about the huge amount of media coverage that surrounded this case DRIVING A RACIAL NARRATIVE for over 3 months.  

And a big part of that narrative was that since Zimmerman was some kinda hulking redneck that leaped from his SUV to attack, pistol-whip and then cold-bloodedly murder a tiny unarmed black teenager, Zimmerman must be MAKING UP this story about Martin having hit him first and jumped on top of him and in the process of beating the sh*t out of him when he was shot.  

And from the VERY BEGINNING the prosecution had in it's possession evidence that backed up Zimmerman's story. And they suppressed it.  

Ace of Spades shows that there was a REASON the only thing they released before now was a very crappy, grainy, black and white photocopy of this picture: 

They previously released a grainy black and white photocopy of the picture in their main discovery.
Why? Why would they release the photocopy but not the best evidence (the actual picture)? 
Because, of course, the best evidence makes it very clear that Zimmermann was pummeled whereas the black and white picture, being grainy, is open to a bit of interpretation. In the black and white picture, you can't tell his face is bloodied -- it just looks like the hair of his mustache and goatee.

AWESOME. So another prosecutor heard the siren song of a national media that got the basic facts of the case wrong as they shoe-horned the story into their usual false narrative so they could have another one of those 'teachable moments' about how inherently racist America is.  Angela Corey will end up trying to convict the defendant anyway, and likely end up getting disbarred.

Does NOBODY remember what happened to Mike Nifong after the Duke Rape Case fell apart?

The media tried that case in the press and DEMANDED that those lacrosse players be prosecuted for rape.  By the time Nifong figured out he HAD no rape case, it was too late.  He'd answered the call.  He heard the siren song and he responded.  He was gonna be a hero and put those racist white asses in prison!  

So he ended up trying to MANUFACTURE a case and got caught.  

Corey is now following the exact same pattern, and she won't get away with it either.